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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Year?!

{a little spring-time happiness}

Wow, I can absolutely not believe it has almost been one year to the day since my last post. Time has not only flown, but it has taken off at a rapid rate with things flying all over the place! Good/great things only come to mind, but none the less, dang, I have missed this space.

I was thinking this post could be a catch-up if you will. What's new in my life, things I'm feeling, things I'm loving, reading, etc. Maybe I will just end up babbling like I do when on coffee dates with friends! All these thoughts just come pouring out, but that's a good thing, right?

If you follow me on Insta, you know the biggest news... we are PREGNANT! Oh my gosh, God is so good. Today marks 17 weeks and I must say it's going by pretty quickly. I thought there for a little bit it was going to take forever. The doctors appointments at this stage (and I think through 7 months) are a month apart and when they told me that at first I had NO idea what I was going to do with myself.

The first trimester was actually ok! Each week, really each day, seemed like a new challenge. What would make me feel sick today? What will I crave? Is it going to be pasta again? I had nausea almost everyday and it would sit in my throat. Not the best feeling, but I will say what helped was eating! Once my feet hit the floor I would immediately head straight to the fridge. Food first thing was what helped me start the day off well. And it felt like every 2 weeks something new would sound good to me and the old would drop off. Crackers and ginger ale, mac and cheese, pasta, bread, frozen meals, fruit, smoothies, and now normal food! Hallelujah!

My energy is coming back, too! I had talked to a few friends who had just had babies or were later in their pregnancy and they all mentioned the second trimester would be better. Food would sound good again, energy would be up, life would relatively feel normal again. So far, so good. I still hit little slumps where all I want to do is sleep, but just end up laying down or pushing through it.

For a while I was going back and forth on different journals to document the pregnancy and their childhood. I started just journaling in a notebook, but that was too slow.. my mind was moving way too fast for my pen. Then I found some journals that were focused on your day-to-day like how much water have you had, what have you eaten. Cute, but not 100% what I was wanting. Then a sweet friend told me about Promptly. She received it when she had her baby boy and love that it prompted her with questions about what to write, symptoms she felt, thoughts she had. I absolutely loved it, the look of it, and it goes from pregnancy through 18 years only, so  you really can document everything! *No, this is not a sponsored post. I'm just clearly really excited and passionate about this book, haha!

I just got it in the mail this week and am so excited to start documenting!

What else, what else! Business has been a boomin'! Or should I be super corny and say "bloomin'"? No, that's enough of that. Something amazing that happened last year was me leaving my agency job (miss them so much!) and going full time floral. My step-mom and I created a floral business back in 2015 and the time came for me to take it on full time! Wow, what a blessing the Lord's timing is. There were days when I would be so sick from pregnancy that I couldn't even think about sitting at a desk (not in my house) and feeling that way. To all those mamas out there that work full time and not at home, amen to you. My already great appreciation for you grew 3x this year!

Cove, our sweet Labradoodle, has gotten so big! He is taking his transition to being a big brother so well, and has already started protecting me and the babe so well. I think he might have known I was pregnant before I even did. He sits at my feet, sleeps with his head resting on me, and will follow me around the house while I do things. He is the sweetest and we seriously couldn't love him more. Our first baby!

I feel like I am going on and on, but man I have seriously missed this. I will have more on pregnancy soon! I am right in the transition period where my bump is starting to show and none of my clothes fit me. I see some shopping in my future and I couldn't be more excited!

Thanks for catching up with me and I promise it won't be long until we chat again!