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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Overcome Me!

This morning I went and had quiet time at a picnic table next to my favorite coffee truck in town. I was reading great words of encouragement and wisdom and half way through I realized in the back of my mind I was saying, “I can’t wait to share this on Instagram!”. I stopped for a moment to think on this and didn’t know if I should be sad for myself or grateful. Sad because what have we come to? Everything is posted online for the world to see and we go throughout our days counting the number of hearts, views, or likes we receive. I remember when Guitar Hero was a thing and I would have dreams about the color sequences (yes, I lived for some G Hero battles). Same thing. I have become so socially involved that even in my background thoughts I am looking forward to crafting my next post.

BUT, how amazing is it that now we have such a great platform to spread the word of Jesus? That we can use social media, the way of the times, to bring people to HIS feet and all gather, inspire, and be disciples. It is a sign of the times and we can either us it as a platform of vanity or a mountain to preach from.

While reading, I started taking bullet points of what I want and need to pray for.
  • Pray to use my gifts
  • Pray to be radical
  • Pray to do ANYTHING.
  • Pray that Mike supports me in my purpose and me with his. *If we are not on the same page then we both pray for patience and God’s timing.
  • Pray to jump
  • Pray that I can see/envision Heaven
  • Pray to be a servant of the Lord
  • Pray for scripture *note to self- read Luke 1:46-50

These are the prayers that my heart is bleeding out. Use me, Lord and don’t let me be afraid. I am ready and willing.

I have been going through the book Anything, and today’s chapter spoke of Mary. She saw that the birth of Jesus, the baby God placed in her, would save generations of humans. Wow. What can I do, Lord, that can bring people to you for generations to come? Or maybe it’s not even that grand. Maybe it starts with one and from there spreads like wild fire? Either way, take my pride and fear and let all that I do be for your glory and NOT mine.

I want to be a part of YOUR plan. I want to participate for eternity!

I feel so full and light today. I am happy, ready and willing to live for our beautiful God.

What are the prayers on your heart today? How can I help?  

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