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Friday, February 12, 2016


Wow, this week has been full of emotions! Good and bad (aka stressville). But guys, God is so good. This week I really focused on bringing Him into the conversation right when it was happening, not after the fact. It seriously takes practice. But keeping that top of mind really helped me get through some low points this week. His grace IS enough!!

It has been a bit since we have done a “currently” post, so I thought I would catch up on what all we have had going on. Currently:

Listening: Bethel: Mercy. Wow, this song. Mike and I saw them in concert (worship nights) a few weeks back and they completely blew us away. We have loved their music for a while now, but it’s always so different in person. They lived, breathed, preached, and worshiped God and he was all around. So thankful for that night with them and Mike.

Loving: The blog Fed & Fit. My friend Megan showed me her Instagram the other day and I was instantly hooked! Her posts are super cute and her recipes look delicious!! She just recently had some secret posts with another one of my favs, Juli Bauer. It looks like there is a fun project in the works!! Fun fact: she lives in San Antonio!!! I would love to run into her one day. I can’t wait to make this recipe. My little sister said it would be fun to try and make Scones, and this one fits into my lifestyleJ

Watching: The Bachelor. I’m hooked. What’s new? BUT I’ve gotten Mike hooked!! He has watched a few episodes of past seasons, but it was always off and on, never a full season. Well.. I think I got him on this one. He starts saying things like, “oh I like the twin..” & “why does his hair look different in each scene?”. Haha, he is really paying attention and investing. I’m so excited! BTW: I feel like Caila or Lauren B. will win. Both are super cute. Even though I LOVE Becca, I don’t know if she will win. I would LOVE to see her as the next Bachelorette!! Who do yall think will win??

Excited for: Travel. Ah, I can't wait for May! We are headed back to the Big Apple, this time for my birthday. The last trip to NYC was for Mike's birthday (posted here, here, and here) and it was downright freezing. Going in May will be a nice change and a chance for Mike to see the softer side of the city. We are counting down the days, but need to really start planning cause it will be here before we know it! Does anyone have any MUST DO/SEE/EATs? Would love your advice!!

Reading: Nothing at the moment, but I still have a stack of books that I want to get to. I really want to read the book Me Before You. Wow, I saw the trailer the other day and was dyinggggg. Can’t wait to see it!!

Trying: Not to drink coffee after lunch time. I felt like I wasn’t getting good, deep sleep, so I decided to cut out some of the caffeine. I used to hit these 3 o’clock slumps and would need a jolt of coffee and to be honest, it kind of became a comfort/relaxing part of my day. But once I really thought about my sleeping, I figured the caffeine was still in my system causing me to not rest well. So, I have been trying this now for a few weeks and I feel great! Now we just wait and see how long it lasts J

Happening: Mike and I are buying a house!!! Ah, so exciting! We have been looking for a while, but knew we needed to be out of our apartment by the end of March. Once Jan 1 hit we knew we had to get movin’. We saw our house back in November, but wanted to see if there were any other options. When we went back to visit it in January we knew it was the one. Mike and I are so excited to have space!! Our one bedroom was/is (for one more month) caving in on us, so the timing if perfect!! More to come on this as it happens J

To cap off the currently post, I thought I would give a shout out to the Valentine's themed flowers outside. My besties, who happen to be my co-workers, and I walked the streets of downtown during our lunch break. It was so cute to see everyone out and about in their best reds and pinks. These flowers knew what was up too. Happy {early} Valentine's Day!

I'm always craving new inspiration, reads, recipes, anything and everything, so please share so I can make them a part of my "current" routine! 

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