Monday, November 30, 2015

The Petal Post- Viola Ranch Open House

I just want to throw it out there that I am currently listening to tons of Christmas music, staring at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and listening to Mike talk about our plans for December. I can't believe how fast this year and the month of November has flown by. I am beyond excited about the holidays, but sad that 2015 is coming to a close.

But 2015 has been a great year! I mentioned here that I started a floral business with my step-mom and it has been an overflow of love. We both fell in love with floral when doing my cousins wedding in 2014 and this past summer decided to turn it into a business. We had an open house a couple of weekends ago and it was a great experience! It took up our entire weekend, but it was worth every moment. We connected with quite a few brides and had a chance to talk to all of the other vendors there. That venue plans to have another one in February and I can't wait! The Petal Post was in charge of decorating 4 center tables to showcase our centerpiece work as well as a few arrangements on our booth. Each table had a different theme: mercury glass, glass, rustic stands, and lanterns and wood. The morning of the open house we had a photo shoot with brides and our flowers and it was such a good feeling seeing our flowers being photographed:) I can't wait to share those pictures! 

Here are a few pictures we took that night:

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