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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sickness and Family

You know when you have all the best intentions in the world... but then sickness happens and knocks you off your rocker? Yeah, that was me the past few days. I had every intention of blogging, Instagramming (The Petal Post has a 100 days of creating challenge and I am now officially a few days behind), reading, but none of that has been able to happen. BUT, the one positive is The Office. I spent yesterday on my butt watching tons of episodes laced with naps. I truly believe that show cures all. And look at me, I'm back at work.

Every year, sometimes twice, we take family photos with my Dad's side of the family. My step-mom, God love her, runs around {last minute} trying to coordinate colors and style and makes these photos an event. I absolutely love them because it has been so fun watching our family grow over the years. First it was the whole family, then just the kids, then the dogs were added (Mike and I were dating but he was behind the scenes in charge of the dogs, ha!), then Mike was added (cause he put a ring on it!), and we have been evolving ever since. This years event was the most stress free one to date. I think it's because I attended the mall with Cara and made the decisions. Short and sweet, yes and no. We all collaborated and met the photographer on time. Mind you, our photographer has learned that she has to "lie" and say the pictures are an hour early so we make it there right on time. It's great. We had a blast and love this time of the year when we all come together, actually try, and bond while doing it. Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of what's to come:)

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