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Monday, August 3, 2015

Kickin' It Old School

For a while now, Mike and I have been wanting to stop looking at our phones before bed, but have needed them in the room for the alarm. It's always the same routine.. we wash our face, brush our teeth, I take out my contacts, and then we get in bed on our phones. It's not like we don't talk to each other, we just use that time to unwind. Sometimes we will even read articles about how looking on your phone before bed is bad and can disrupt your sleep while we are ON our phones!

This past weekend I thought we would try kickin' it old school and bought us alarm clocks! They are definitely nothing fancy, but I did have one must. They had to be battery operated just in case the power went out. Our phones will not be allowed in the bedroom after our bathroom routine. The idea is that we will no longer be glued to Instagram and Vine and will use that time to talk and wind down together.

Do any of yall have this at your house? I am really interested to see if it will be hard for us, but I think it will be a great step for our sleep and marriage!

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