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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Goal Follow Up

Tomorrow Mike and I take off to Hawaii and I can't express how excited I am! I feel so great and confident and ready to take on the beach! I mentioned in this post that Mike and I were starting two-a-days and shoot, those kicked our butts! I may have almost passed out a few times from the Texas heat, but I pulled through.

I hit a few little goals and treated myself to new clothes and got my nails done a few times. They were great little boosts to help me stay motivated and keep my eyes on the prize! One routine I did at least once a day was a quick HIIT exercise. On the treadmill I would sprint at 7.5 for a minute and then lightly jog at 5.2 for a minute. Repeat for 20 minutes (minimum). This was a quick blast and over the weeks my sides started trimming down. I have noticed my body reacts so well to cardio, especially running, that I try to incorporate some type of cardio everyday. When there were days I wanted to push myself a little harder (and definitely days where I wanted to walk), I would sprint faster and run at 5.5 or so. I also started drinking A LOT more water and that would all sweat out. I LOVE leaving the gym dripping sweat. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Another way I tracked my workouts was with my Polar watch. There for a little I didn't like wearing it with the heart rate monitor because it rested on my diaphragm too tight, but for this 4-week span I wore it almost everyday. Each day I tried to burn more calories than I did the day before, which helped push myself. Fitness and clean eating have really become great passions of mine and I love seeing how my body reacts to different changes.

To help me make good food choices while waiting at the airport, I have prepared my carry on with Epic bars and a water bottle (empty) ready to be filled with airport water (yummy). I also am bringing my own snack so that I can use my "food" money to buy all the magazines. All. It's my thing. There is something so fun {to me} about buying magazines at airports and taking your time through them during the flight. I can't wait to see what the shelves hold!

Here are the items in the carry on:

Epic Bars- these are life savers. They come in all flavors, are Whole 30 approved, and happen to taste quite delicious.

Water bottle- save money, bring your own water bottle.

Share Love, Do Good Headbands- get ready to see lots of pictures of me in these throughout this vaca and life in general. They are way too cute, look stylish with anything, and 10% of your purchase goes back to charity. #winning

Go Pro- our friend is letting us borrow her go pro and let's just say I owe her! This is perfect for taking those underwater pictures and great for hiking. I can't wait to play with it!

Flash Tat- I got some of these tattoos from TXSC back in March and still love putting them on. This is my last one, so I thought I would bring it on the trip to spice things up a bit.

Socks- I'm not the biggest fan of wearing tennis (I feel old writing tennis) shoes while going through security (takes wayyyyy too long to untie and then re-tie), so I plan on wearing my Berks and pulling these out when my feet get too cold. *Fun fact about me: almost all my socks are from Target, and I never match them. I almost feel like if I wear a matching pair then it will be an off day. Can't have that...

Books & Journal- I am really having a hard time choosing what books to bring. There are SO many I want to read all at once, that limiting them has been kinda stressful. Is that sad? I am taking The Husband's Secret & Bossypants on the plane and have stashed a few others in my luggage. I am having a hard time visualizing how much reading time I will have, so I rather be over prepared than under.. ya feel?

As a heads up, I will be posting crazy amounts of pictures on TLD's Instagram... preparing you in advance:) If any of you have been to Honolulu or Kauai, please let me know if there are any awesome, must see's or go-tos!

Aloha, Hawaii!!

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