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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

31 Days Of Prayer

My friend sent me this article today and I thought I would share.

In our first year of marriage I read an article talking about lifting up your spouse in prayer. So many times people (myself included) get frustrated and pray for change to happen within their spouse, but this article said quite the opposite. It is you that needs a change of heart. Just because you grew up one way and them different doesn't mean their way is wrong. Just because they want hold on tight to the purse strings when you're ready to buy something needed doesn't mean they don't want it as well. The list could go on and on. Changing them does nothing but create hardness in your heart and that is not what God wants for your marriage. Pray that God changes your heart. That  you can see their side and value what they bring to the table. Pray for patience in times when  you know you're about to get frustrated rather than praying for them to change. We cannot change the one we love, but we can make change happen within us with prayer.

These daily prayers for our husbands are inspiring and make me want to out serve my husband. He is always telling me how he prayed for this and that and reminding me to give thanks for all of our blessings. These prayers are a great reminder that we are the help for our husbands. He stands tall leading our family, but we are the support and help for that. These prayers are so needed.

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