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Monday, July 27, 2015


Mike and I finally finished The Office this past weekend after months of putting it off. We knew it would make us depressed so we took a break right before Michael left. Let's just say: the ending was perfect, I cried a lot, great one-liners, and I love Jim and Pam. Mike and I think this is the year that we transform into them for Halloween.

To help me come out of my depression, we will be watching The Bachelorette finale tonight. I will probably slide right back into my pit if she doesn't choose Shawn. She already let go of Ben H. and I just don't know if my heart can take another one of my favorites being sent home. I have kept away from all of the "spoiler" sites until now, so I really hope its not Nick. Blah. The Bachelor shows are definitely a guilty pleasure, so holler for Bachelor In Paradise!

The ladies in my bible study started reading Anything and it really makes me think about my life and decisions I make & those to be made. She is so real and honest that it makes me feel better that I am not the only one. One part is really sticking with me and it is a section on risk. How can I live a life without risk? Do I not trust God? Will I live my life to the fullest? The questions are beautifully haunting and having me thinking. What are you willing to risk to grow closer to God and trust the path he has laid out for us?

This weekend is go time. Mike and I will be in a packing frenzie and running around to grab last minute items for Hawaii. Next Wednesday after work we will be driving to Houston and I don't know if I will be able to sleep before our flight out on Thursday! I seriously want to take all of my "funny" books, aka Tina, Mindy, and Amy. I still need to go out and buy #girlboss for the flight... let me add that to the list real quick. This also might be the flight that I actually buy the WiFi. 7+ hours is worth the fee. Time to binge watch! Any show recommendations? On my list of next shows to watch I have: The OC, Gossip Girl, House Of Cards, Gilmore Girls... The Office re-runs:)

Two-a-days have been kicking my butt. The Texas heat is no joke. We went running right after work one day and I went from being drenched in sweat to not sweating at all. My body was shutting down, which is not funny, but I was doing all that I could to keep my head up and focus on Mike in front of me. I was joking in my head that I was chasing him like a brownie on Whole 30. Maybe I was going crazy?! This weeks meals will consist of chicken and veggies. Basic, boring, booty kicking. Lean and mean here I come. Minus the mean.

I think that is all that is new with us! We are just looking forward to next week's vacation and have major tunnel vision. Is anyone else watching tonight's finale??

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