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Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's Hit Some Goals, Y'all!

These past two weeks have flown by! It's already July?! In exactly one month, Mike and I will be in Hawaii! Ahh! I have a pile of clothes ready to be packed and my mind is already there. 

{if you need me, this is where i'll be}

Life has been pretty great lately, with some fun things on the horizon. Mike and I are starting two-a-days today to push ourselves a little harder for the up coming vacation. I am looking forward to it while knowing there will be days that I will need the extra push! For this, I am keeping a strict work-out journal with notes from each day. I plan to also keep track of my moods and how I feel, so on days where I am down I can look back and see how far I've come. The morning workouts will be lifting and the afternoons will be cardio and circuit training. After this July 4th weekend, we are both looking forward to this!

I have never really been one to "treat" myself with food. Instead, I like to spend it on myself in other ways. Here are a few things in my "treat" pile as great options for hitting my goals:

Shop- new work out clothes, shoes or jeans. This is always a fun one because it physically shows you your change. 

Massage- with all that lifting and life stress, this is a great one to release all the tension. This is going to be a major treat:) 

Get yo nails did- this is an immediate confidence booster for me and makes me feel put together. A definite treat!

A fun date- this doesn't have to be to a nice restaurant or revolved around food. It could be to the river, a local park, the movies, the beach... anything fun that we can do together and still being active. 

A new bathing suit- this falls under shopping, but is a category all to its own. This is the true test for me. If I feel confident in a swim suit then I feel on top of the world! 

Just looking at this list makes me excited to get started! I need to decide if I will have weekly treats or bi-weekly. My mind says weekly... but lets see what the Mr. says:) 

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