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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


  • Craving and acai bowl from Revolucion and a French 75 from Luke. Both of these, individually, could fall under the category of "Best Thing I Ever Ate/Drank".

  • Dying to read #girlboss. This has been on my list for a bit now and I almost bought it today during the Amazon Prime sale, but chickened out. I am thinking this would be a good Hawaii read. 

  • Wanting to watch Grizzly Man. We have a vendor lunch recently and he went on and on about this documentary. On and on in a good way, to the point that I wanted him to just tell me the whole story. Now all I need is someone's Netflix info to watch it:) 

  • On my list to buy is a new bra and sports bra. That might be a little TMI, but I love how pretty and sweet this lace is and a sports bra is just a must. Victoria's Secret has done the trick from me, so I will be heading that way this week. 

  • Drooling over this altar. Fun fact, this is at the venue I got married at and the photographer that took this pic was at TXSC and I got to listen to her speak. Fun fact, I'm drooling. 

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