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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baking On the Brain

Today I can't shake the want to bake (paleo). Cookies, muffins, breads; whatever baking items comes across my path on Pinterest I want to bake it. If you were to go and check my "cook" board, it has double in size today just from sweets alone. So I think tonight and this weekend call for baking. Here are a few that have my fancy and my taste buds. 

1) Snicker doodles: My friend made some paleo snicker doodles on Monday for The Bachelorette finale and they were tas-tay. Something about cinnamon just puts me in a good mood. I can taste these now... 

2) Brownies/Blondies: Would you look at these?! Hello! They are screaming, "Bake me!" Every now and again I will go by PaleOMG's blog and play catch up and these brownies/blondies caught my eye. They look so gooey and delicious and a must. 

3) Lemon bars: These are Mike's favorite. For our wedding, we didn't get in a groom's cake, but instead made a dessert table with lemon bars and the main focus. I love the crust/citrus combination and this recipe has clean ingredients! 

I should probably stop there before I go crazy. I am going to have way too much fun testing these out. I don't think Mike will complain:) 

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