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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Wardrobe

Summer is on the brain and I am loving our weekends spent outside. I have packed up all of my winter clothes and put them high up in the closet and I think it's only right to replace the open space with new clothes, don't you? We also have Hawaii coming up in August and I have already mentally started packing. Here are some of my favorites for this summer:

Overalls: I used to rock these babies all the time! When I was little I would carry around pebbles in my front pocket and not take them out in time for the wash... I may have ruined a washing machine. I am so excited they are making a come back and I need to get my hands on the perfect pair. I love these.

Day dress: This dress looks extremely comfortable and I love the little knot in the front to shake it up. It takes it from cute to "I have to buy this".

Bathing suit: I have seen so many bathing suit tops lately that have a "sports bra" look. I am all about that. I'm thinking this one would be perfect when we are boating around the Na Pali Coast.

Birkenstocks: Mike surprised me with a pair of these last summer in a icy blue color and it has been nearly impossible for me to wear any other shoe. I would, however, enjoy a pair of these! Hint, hint, Michael. 

Salt Water Sandals: Ok, I would also enjoy these:) These have been on my wish list for about 2 summers now, but always get put on the back burned because of the whole online shopping thing. I guess I like the instant gratification of buying things in store and walking out with it. But that stops this summer! I love these too much to go 3 summers in a row!

Tee: Bring on the comfy, cute tees. There is nothing like a cute t-shirt that feels like it has been washed 1,000 times. Those are my favorite and this one not only makes me giddy, but looks like it feels like rabbit fur. {It could also double as a bathing suit cover up!}

Sunnies: What's summer without a new pair of sunglasses? These look too cute and come in multiple colors. It's a toss up between the pink and the teal... i guess both will do:)

Happy Monday, friends and here to summer!! Also, Team USA plays today in the Women's World Cup if you have a chance to cheer them on against Australia you should:) Go USA! 

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  1. I can so see you rocking overalls like a champ!!!
    Love your summa picks!!!