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Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Paleo Staples

It's hard to believe that I have been eating Paleo for almost a full year now. This lifestyle has completely changed the way Mike and I view food and has made us aware of our bodies and how they work.

At first, it took me a while to grocery shop, making sure I read all of the labels and knowing what I couldn't have. In time, my staple items started to become well known and I realized I didn't miss the things I couldn't eat, which include:
  1. No dairy
  2. No grains
  3. No legumes
  4. No refined, processed sugar
  5. No refined oil
  6. No processed foods
  7. No alcohol
Now I don't think twice about the food I can't have and really don't miss anything too much. Every now and then a nice glass of wine is needed, but my body has really changed and I have seen a difference from the whole, clean food that I eat. 

For all those starting out, or wanting to try Paleo, here are our staples for the pantry and refrigerator:

Almond flour- Trader Joe's (TJ) or Bob's Red Mill (BRM)
Coconut flour- TJ or BRM
Tapioca Flour- TJ or BRM
Coconut flakes- TJ or BRM
Dark chocolate chips- Enjoy Life (HEB, Whole Foods (WF), Central Market)
Coconut Milk- Full Fat- TJ, HEB, WF
Curry paste- HEB- international aisle
Maple Syrup- Grade B- HEB, WF
Honey- organic, local
Almond Butter- HEB (fresh, made there), WF- make sure no added sugar
Sunbutter Butter- HEB- creamy, no added sugar
Coconut Oil- we buy it in bulk at Costco
Coconut Butter- WF- Artisana brand
Olive Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut Aminos- like soy sauce without soy- HEB or WF
Vanilla Extract
Baking Powder 
Baking Soda
Spices- lots! I buy as I use different recipes
Nuts- pecans, cashews, pistachios, walnuts
Dried fruit- make sure no added sugar & limit- buy Made In Nature brand at Costco
Lara bars- Lemon Bar, Pecan Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie and Cherry Pie
Epic Bars- Turkey & Beef
Tuna cans
Salmon cans- use for salmon cakes
Canned pumpkin- use a lot of this in the Winter for soup
Tomato paste- no sugar
Diced tomatos- no sugar
Sundried tomatos- no sugar

Eggs- buy in bulk
Almond milk- no added sugar
Kerrygold butter- grass-fed butter
Frozen fruits and veggies
Applegate hotdogs
Bacon- Applegate Turkey bacon, Pederson's
Mustard- regular, brown, and dijon
Sparkling waters- HEB brand or La Croix 
Meat: all kinds! pork, chicken, beef, ground turkey, etc.- I just always check to make sure no sugar
Fish- salmon filets, shrimp
Lemon and lime juice

Fruit- apples, berries, bananas, seasonal fruits
Veggies- sweet potatoes, onion, squash, bell peppers, avocado, green beans, spinach, cherry tomatoes

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