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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Small Group Love

On Tuesday, Mike and I have small group which is our night to dive into the word, serve our community, worship, and have intimate fellowship with great friends. It is such a great way to start off the week and get connected. 

With our group growing closer, Mike and I decided to host a game night. We brought out every game we own and threw it all out there:) It was so refreshing to know that we can all be serious and crazy at the same time. They are a true blessing. 

We also played a game called Nert. Anyone ever heard of it? I definitely hadn't, but I crave it now! It is like Solitaire on steroids! 

My new favorite games:
  1. Nert-hard to describe. 
  2. Headbands- write celebrity on a piece of paper, pass to the right, and stick the one you got on your forehead. Figure out who you are by asking one yes/no question at a time. *you might get frustrated. 
  3. Fishbowl- everyone rights down 6 random objects/nouns and puts them into a bowl. Divide up your team and sit accordingly. The first person starts by drawing a word and acting it out. Keep going through until the 45 seconds are up. Keep your words, count them, and pass the bowl on to the next player (opposite team). Continue playing. After each round put all of the words back into the bowl. The second round is silently acting the word out. The third and final round is describing the word on the paper in one word. By the third round, you should know most of the words in the bowl and hopefully you can get through them quickly. Keep your teams score for each round and who ever has the most words wins. It is extremely hilarious watching people describe the words they pull.

Who's ready for round two? 

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