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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Trip To the DoSeum

Yesterday was extremely nostalgic. I spent the morning at the new children's museum {The DoSeum} where my inner child came out. They recently moved from downtown to Broadway and we got to get a sneak peak before they open on June 6th. 

Right when we walked in we knew it was going to be incredible. The colors, structures, and textiles they used were not only eco-friendly, but made the place feel alive. There are windows everywhere allowing natural light to fill the rooms.

The thought that went into every little piece is incredible. There are different exhibits for younger and older kids, but adults will have just as much fun. One of my favorite places was Little Town. This space is meant for tiny ones and what I loved was the thought behind it. There are different places to visit in Tiny Town, like the vet, the grocery store, an airplane, the car, a mail box. Each one is meant for them to better understand how everyday life/stores work. Our guide was saying that when the volunteers work this space they shouldn't try to pick up after the kids, especially if they think they are done playing. It will ruin the kids whole thought process. She said how they had a few kids in to test the concept and the kids would take their luggage from the airplane, to the car, to the grocery store and all of that took over an hour. If someone were to go to the car and take out the luggage it would have throw off their mission completely. I could have sat and listened to her speak on early childhoof education for hours. 

The outside was just as beautiful. They had fountains and streams for kids to walk through and play and all kids of toys and outside exhibits. Playing outside is a great way to break up the different sections of the DoSeum and trust me, they built the building with this in mind. While we were there they were busy craning in a huge tree house a local artist made. The kids are not going to want to go back inside. I would choose that tree house as my home if I could..

They are having a couple nights in July just for adults and you can already count me in for that. I can't wait to snag my siblings for a few hours and go play with them {not that you need kids to go}. It was such a great experience and offers so many ways for children to learn and interact. 

{run wild}

{virtual puppet show}

{the spy exhibit. it was a mixture of clue, guess who, spy kids, and extreme fun} 

 {sound sensation exhibit. i am in the eavesdropping booth. those "ears" pick up all the sound around you and you can hear everyone's secrets}

 {that ear horn looking thing is a live stream with another museum in Mexico. urban pen pals}

 {a giant room for building stuff}

{Dave-he shows you how to build things}

One of our vendors at work brought these over to us when we all got back. They were too cute note to snap a picture of. It makes me want to get in the kitchen and create. 

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