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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

25th Year

I am a week late in writing this post, but it's never too late to share some bday love. My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so Mike decided to make our plans Saturday so we could spend my actual birthday straight up relaxing.

**insert Friday night. Mike surprised me with tickets to Pitch Perfect 2. It was hilarious. proceed.

Saturday started with my new favorite coffee spot, Indy Coffee, and a blindfolded trip to (little did I know) Austin. Yes, I spent about an hour blindfolded. Mike went through random neighborhoods to through me off, and it worked! The next thing I know we are in the parking garage of the Whole Foods headquarters. It was a pit stop to get breakfast and a little surprise that I couldn't know about until later.

Next stop, Epic Sup paddle boarding. The weather had been crappy the week leading up to my birthday, so Mike made sure we took advantage of the sunshine. It was absolutely beautiful out and the water was cool and crisp. We had been paddle boarding one time before, but it was in a little canal off the coast. It was so peaceful having pretty much the whole lake to ourselves and feeling the wind change directions every 5 minutes. There was one point we paddle all the way up stream so we could spend the last 15 minutes floating back to shore. We had finally made it and the wind decided it would mock us and switched directions. Very funny. Let's just say that paddle boarding is a great workout! I loved it and was so thankful Mike got me out in my happy place... like I have said before, I could live on the lake.

Sweet Mike had done his research on all places in Austin that were paleo. Though that is what I should have eaten, my mind wanted a margarita and that only meant one place, the original Chuy's. Mike and I always end up going here when we are in ATX, so it only made sense. Thank goodness Chuy's is within walking distance of Zilker Park where Mike had our next pit stop planned. I love me a good park. It was so alive and full of energetic people. And dogs. Everywhere. Ps. I thought we were getting a dog at least 5 times throughout our Saturday adventure. Next time...

Zilker is where Mike brought out his Whole Foods surprise. A few months back we were watching a food show and saw Skull and Cakebones. They are based out of Austin and are vegan cupcakes. We talked about how we wanted to try them one day and little did I know Mike had that planned. We get to a rock at Zilker and he had me close my eyes while he put them in my hands. It's the little things, yall. Those replaced my birthday cake and I wouldn't have wanted anything else. He got us the Love Pack that had almond and coconut cupcakes. DELISH. He's a winner.

The ride home was nap time for me. I was pooped and needed my beauty rest for the night. Mike had dinner reservations for us at Liberty Bar where we had scrumptious cocktails and yummy entrees. We had to wrap it up around  7 to make it down town for the Mat Kearney concert!!! He surprised me with one of the artists I had been wanting to see for a long time! The great thing about concerts is that they are a gift for both of us and boy was he incredible! He had Judah & the Lion open for him and they are now on my Spotify playlist. Love me some folk music.

On Sunday, my actual bday, we did exactly as planned. Relaxed and hung out with family. We met my dad and siblings at a local coffee shop where we caught up and laughed a ton. It turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the day. From there we met up with my step mom and hit up the mall to shop and eat. Mike and I ended the night with a palette on the floor and the Billboard Music Awards. It might sound like not much, but it was perfect.

Here's to another great year and many more memories to come!

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