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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Update- April 24th-26th

Sugar Land was great this past weekend. It was a nice break from the day-to-day and the days felt longer. This was the first time I have gone home without Mike since we were dating, so that was a little weird. My family mentioned multiple times about how they missed him, which was really heart warming. 

Hannah, by bigger little sister, and I decided to do a Bible study together. We will read each lesson during the week and face time on Sunday's to talk it over. My heart is so excited about this. Sisters on Earth, sisters in Christ. We read through at least 15 books and landed on one about Ruth and Ester.

We also made a pit stop at Target where I found these babies. I love me some good Birkenstocks, but these knock-offs do the job just as well.

Most of Saturday was spent at A&M's Vet School. It was their annual open house, so we were able to tour the different buildings and hear from the college dean. My sister has always known she wants to be a vet, so it was fun to see her in her element.

They had a reptile section where the volunteers had snakes wrapped around their necks. And worse, some were holding lizards. Fact about Ashlyn: I really do not like {insert hate} reptiles. I think some of the volunteers thought I was the one that wanted to be a vet, so they were trying to put the snakes around me. I kindly told them to back the hells up.

Meet Corey. He is the family dog and has had part of my heart since 2008. Golden Doodles for life.

Sunday morning was spent running and cooking breakfast for the family. I have really taken up cooking since getting married and love doing it for my family. My breakfast go-to is always sweet potato hash from The Paleo Kitchen and it never lets me down. They loved it!

While I was in Sugar Land, Mike was home with his friend Pat. Every time I talked to him they were at a new spot or restaurant having a great time. They ended the weekend with going to the Spurs playoff game. I was SO jealous, but tuned in on my drive home. It was a great weekend on both ends!

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