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Friday, April 24, 2015

Viva Fiesta

Fiesta started here in San Antonio and the whole city has been buzzing. Well, that and the SPURS! The past two games have been on the West cost and ending after midnight, which makes the next day a little rough. Mike is going to the game with a friend on Sunday and I am extremely jealous. (insert Nick Jonas song)

This past week was full of new recipes, dates with friends, Fiesta events and getting ready for the weekend. I am headed to Houston to visit my Mom and Mike's high school BFF is coming to stay with him.

{SO good}

{theater downtown}

{viva fiesta!}

{mango covered in chili}

{new coffee hangout}

I am ready to get this weekend started! Plans for this weekend:

  1. Hang with family
  2. Wear my bathing suit at least once
  3. Plan for Hawaii
  4. Take lots of pictures with my new camera
  5. Soak up every second! 
  6. Watch the SPURS dominate

What do you have planned for this weekend? Go Spurs Go!

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