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Friday, April 17, 2015

Download Sesh.

Time to download. I feel like a lot was accomplished this week..

{fiesta officially kicked off in SA, so naturally we had a cascarone war at work}

1. I started another round of Whole 30. I'm realizing I do really well when I am on a plan, but the moment I lose structure I have at it. I did really well eating strict Paleo after I finished, but slowly started eating grains, dairy and drinking adult beverages. Which is great; I was living life! I just need to find the balance between getting the results I want/staying on track and living. It's almost like I need to create a plan for when I get off the plan. This round I also wanted to work out harder than I have in a while. Whole 30 makes me feel so great just by eating, so there would be a day here or there that I wouldn't go to the gym and it was great! I am seeing how this round will be when I combine eating clean and have a great workout routine. So far, so great! Today marks day 4. I wanted to do this round so I end right before my birthday. I feel kinda bad that this is my 4th round and I keep going on it. Like, can't I learn my lessons? But then again I don't feel bad because I haven't been this happy and confident in a while, so if going on and off is what's helping me then so be it.

2. Mike and I usually work out in the mornings together and do the routine he has planned. They are so great and really challenge me and almost everyday I am sore from it. This time I wanted to see if I could find a routine that I liked and included more cardio. I found this one on and I am loving it! I love how it is giving me weights and a lot of cardio. My body reacts so well to cardio, but sometimes I get lazy and put it on the back burner. Another lesson learned.

3. I really want a new camera. A lot of research has been done this week and I am hoping to find the perfect one this weekend; that fits my budget$$$. I think I am going to go the Canon route because that is what I grew up with, but we shall see:) Mike has plans tomorrow morning with his pops, so I am going to go play with some.

4. My friend and I found a free calligraphy webinare on Instagram and I am offically hooked! It took me a while to get the strokes down (there were a A LOT of blobs on my first sheet), but come page 5 I think it started lookig pretty decent. I just might have a new hobby on my hands! **we did the Scarlet and Gold Webinar. They gave us the inside scoop, which really help two gals who had no clue what "nibs" were.**

5. In August we are going to Hawaii for my Mom's 50th birthday. Sorry Mom, I said your age. BUT, we are SO excited and I have been researching some fun things to do that aren't super touristy. More research will commence tomorrow morning and everyday after that:)

If you have any input on cameras or fun things to do in Hawaii then please let me know! I love reviews and comments especially when I don't know all the questions to ask.

OH, and how could I forget?! Did yall watch Scandal? Are you not ok, too?

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