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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whole Life

This has been the first week of 2015 that I am "off" Whole 60. Day 59 was on Sunday and come Monday, nothing had changed. I ate just like I had been the previous 60 days, but Tuesday night I had a margarita. It was date night and I thought I would treat myself. 1) I got tipsy in a matter of seconds and 2) my stomach was not happy.

It is all about finding the balance. I woke up this morning and was like ok, maybe one treat meal a week... start there. I know my stomach will explode if I dive right back into eating what I used to (dairy, grain, sugar, legumes... alcohol). Plus, I spent 60 days fully committed to watching what I ate and I definitely don't just want to throw it away. My body still feels fantastic and I don't want that to end. Health has become a major passion of mine and cooking is a branch of that. This is just the beginning:)

Through this plan, I have learned:
  • I have strong will power- if I say it, I'll do it
  • Half of the success comes from those you surround yourself with
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Way too many things have added sugar; read ALL labels-- sugar sucks
  • Planning out our meals and grocery shopping are a new hobby/passion
  • Abs are made in the kitchen... seriously. 80/20- food/gym
  • Fitting into clothes that you haven't warn in years is a pretty damn good feeling
  • Do it for YOU
I haven't taken any comparison pictures, measured myself, or weighed myself yet since ending. Part of me doesn't want to because that number doesn't fully reflect how great I feel inside and out, but I bet I will eventually.

But here is the most recent picture of me; happy, healthy, in love, and full of margarita:)

Here's to finding life's balance!

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