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Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Post- February 27th- March 1st

Happy Monday!

All last week while Mike was away, I was busy working:) We were going back and forth on if we should move out of our apartment and it was really stressing us out. Last Monday we decided to stay, so I decided while he was out I would go through our apartment room by room and get rid of everything that we didn't need. Spring cleaning to the max! Our apartment also felt like it was pieced together with things from college, so I headed to Home Goods, Target, Hobby Lobby and World Market to make our apartment feel like home.

{that frame in the corner turned into my February DIY project. Now I can pin up photos:)}

{if you squint you can see "Aschbacher" on the large print. it was an old brewery Mike's family owned}

He came home on Friday in total shock. It was so nice to make our place feel put together for him and it was SO clean! I also had a Shepard's Pie cooking for dinner and the smell of rosemary just made it feel that much more homey.

Here is a look back on our weekend:
Friday night- surprise and Shepard's Pie.

Saturday: Started off with a good sweat at the gym. I did different workouts on the Stair Master and my bootay and lower abs are still feeling the burn! From there we headed to Mike's mom's new house. It was moving day! They have spent the last few months in an apartment while building their beautiful, new dream home! From there we headed to my little sister's musical. This year they put on The Little Mermaid and it was super cute. My family saw this on Broadway a few years back, so it was cute seeing their Junior version. Also, I sang The Little Mermaid when I was in 6th grade, so it took me back a few times:)

{me and the mersister}

One of my college BFFs, who I have actually known since 4th grade, came in town this weekend. So Saturday night we we all got to go to dinner to catch up. It was like I had seen her just yesterday, but it had been at least since last summer since we have been together. It as so great catching up!

{rachel, me, keisha, nicole= college roomies}

Sunday was spent meal planning, grocery shopping, drinking coffee, catching up on Pretty Little Liars, and hanging out with the fam. Sunday was also my last day on my Whole 60 meal plan and boy did/do I have mixed emotions. I can't wait to have a margarita, but on the other hand I don't want to go back to how I was before. It will be all about balance:) The weekend ended with Guardians Of the Galaxy and Whiplash. I didn't know what Whiplash was about until JK Simmons won his Oscar and now I am sad I didn't see it before to cheer him on. And howcome Miles Teller wasn't nominated for anything? He was incredible. Mike was entranced the whole time because it hit on his love for drumming. Every time they said a drumming term we all looked to him to see if that was the correct lingo haha.

Have a great day!

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