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Thursday, March 26, 2015


This past weekend was TxSC15 and I going to just come out and say that it is probably the best weekend I've had in 2015. I took on the weekend with zero expectations. Things always work out so much better for me when I do that.

I woke up on Friday and I'm pretty positive my voice was a few octaves higher due to excitement. Mike thought I was a little nuts because I would throw things in my bag and then take them out, repeat 4 times. I had NO idea what to pack! The list said casual, but then I thought of the other girls and I did not want to look like a frump in comparison. I finally settled on my normal wear, but had a friends hot Kendra Scott jewelry to pimp it out.  Of course it was rainy the whole weekend, so casual was the way to go. Lesson learned.

Each day was packed with great speakers and different sessions to choose from. I learned so much from these women. We are all at different stages in blogging, which was the beauty in it. We were able to bounce around ideas and empower each other. I left the conference feeling/knowing I could conquer the world. Watch out...

Some of the key take always for me where:

Lessons from Shalyn Nelson:

  • Honesty will get you far. don't be afraid to open up because chances are there are others out there who need to see someone else going through it
  • Own who you are. Be you and don't look back
  • Don't spend so much time thinking about those that say negative things. Instead, think about all those that love you.
Lessons from Bethany Joy Clark:
  • Friends, Friendtors, Mentors, Champions. Friends are great. Friendtors and friend mentors; you have fun and get great advice/bounce around ideas. Mentors have great advice; ask them to be part of your path. Champions move mountains for you and will do anything with you. They remind you of your core values and will make sure you don't forget them. 
  • Create your legacy
  • "Stay humble, hustle hard"
  • Where do you want to be in 5,0,20 years? Visualize that and do it. 
  • What are your core values? Write them down and use them to stay on track.
  • Remember why you started.
  • Toms- "Be a mission with a company, not a company with a mission."-- so deep. 
Lessons from Greeting From Texas & Delightfully Tacky:
  • "Comparison is the thief of joy." Stop and think about that... 
  • Don't post just to post. Put time and thought into it; can take months if needed. 
  • Quality NOT quantity
  • Don't be afraid to try new things; pitch yourself to companies if you want to work with them; reach out to bloggers that inspire you and ask questions. 
  • Constantly be growing. Don't ever say "I've arrived!". The only direction from there is down.
Lessons from Style & Pepper:
  • Community is huge. Love them, grow with them, share with them, inspire/empower them. 
Lessons from Design Crush, New Dress A Day, Cyndie Spiegel:
  • Don't have impostor syndrome. We are good enough
  • Produce what is in your own voice and your own vision; continue to do your thang
  • Use all of the skills you have; even those you don't think you could use
  • Dress for the job you want
  • Widen your circle. Reach out to those that know about different subjects. Grow your knowledge
  • Reader's love consistency... my bad guys... I'm working on it:)
Lessons from Un-Fancy & The Lively Show:
  • We make the rules. You don't have to get into things just because others are. 
  • You don't have to buy to become. Love this. I feel like that sometimes... 
  • Don't poison your own well

As I look back on those lessons, I am reminded why I went. I needed to be vulnerable and transparent. The other women were just the same and when we have that, we are able to grow and create deeper conversations. I didn't come home with a 1,2,3 step plan on how to grow the blog or create my own business. Instead, I came home with the empowerment and the courage I needed to follow through with what I want. I needed a little kick in the butt and that is exactly what I got. I now have so many new sisters that have my back and are ready to take on the world with me. How could that not be my best weekend yet?

On a fun note, I met one of my blogging inspirations! I have been reading Jen Loves Kev for 2+ years and have completely fallen for her family. She is such a gentle heart and meeting her was definitely a major highlight. (Fun fact: Her blog post on TxSC was the reason I signed up!)

Another fun thing was meeting Meg Cady! Mike went to high school with her and he mentioned one day that I should read her blog. We were urban pen pals for a bit and then finally were able to meet at the conference! I also got to meet her amazing friend Whitney and the three of us instantly connected.

Other photos from the weekend:
 {my new favorite earrings} 

 {rain: go away}


 {bethany joy clark and indiana adams}

 {mike and i WILL live on the lake on day}

 {their coffee is delightful} 

 {bethany joy clark brought us all toms bags!}

 {delightfully tacky & greetings from TX}

 {style and pepper}


 {writes like a girl and sophia rossi}

 {sophia rossi: co-founder of hello giggles. we got a copy of her new book!} 

 {flash tats!}

 {jess lively and caroline}

 {our little home}

{i will grant you three wishes...} 
{met megan who writes Greeting From Texas. such a freakin great preson}

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  1. YOU ARE THE BEST! I am so so so glad that I finally got to hug your neck and that we got to walk that amazing weekend together! I am so impressed by you and your ability to permeate a room with sunshine and brilliance (and put up with my sarcasm :) ) Love you sweet friend!