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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whole 60 Check In

I am officially over half way with my Whole 60 plan! Last Friday was the half way mark and for a split second I thought about stopping. Not because I was over it, but because my body felt so great that I thought I could handle it. That second came and went because I know I still have a little more to go.

These next 26 days will be focused on eating, but also adding more weight at the gym. My body has reacted so well to eating and doing our normal workouts, that I want to push it a little more to let the muscle get more defined. I am also going to be focusing more on my abs. Those babies need to pop! We have started carving out a little more time in the morning to really focus on core and I can already feel a difference!

As far as food, quick items like chicken sausage, Applegate hotdogs, tuna (in moderation), salad, salmon, curry (throw everything in a pan and let it cook itself) have been my best friends. I have also noticed my recent addiction with Almond Milk Lattes. Wow, I want one right now. BUT, make sure you ask to look at the almond milk they are using and check the ingredients! Also, I have been eating eggs left and right. I have found that they are what I crave in the morning, which is crazy cause I used to HATE them. Some mornings, if there is time, I will make sweet potato hash with some basil, S&P, and garlic powder. Oh, so good!

In other exciting news, my Mom has a big birthday this year, so naturally we have to celebrate.. BIG! Yesterday we bought our plane tickets to.. HAWAII!! This trip was decided in two weeks and has been such a rush. Mike and I are so excited to get away with my mom, step dad and sisters. We have always talked about going to Hawaii, but thought it wouldn't be until our 30s! Yay! The trip will be right around our anniversary, so we will get to celebrate that too:)

Another thing I have been wanting is to read more. Reading happens when you make time for it, so that's where I have started. I have made time by turning off the TV or closing the computer and picking up a good book.

Are there any books you're reading now that you love and want to share? I am going to be on the book hunt soon and would love to check out  your favorites!

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