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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekend Post- February 6th-8th

It feels like our weeks have been flying by lately. I'm not sure if that is because we have been filling our nights with fun or what, but I have noticed that my days have been fun and moving quickly. 

Mike and I house sat last weekend for my parents and babysat my little sister as well. It was such a relaxing weekend and we fully took advantage of their cable. I watched way too many movies in my PJs, but do I have regrets? Hells no. 

Besides movies, there was a lot of cooking that went on. I seriously can't wait to have an inspiring kitchen... with natural light. I have found that natural light is the cure to everything. 

I decided to make super easy "pancakes" Saturday morning. The batter consisted of one banana and two eggs. I ended up doubling it because Michael decided he wanted to give them a try. I combined the two ingredients and added them to a blender to get out the banana chunks. Last minute I decided to add a dash of cinnamon. They were delicious! The banana flavor popped and I could have easily eaten another plate. 

{floor breakfast}

After breakfast had settled, I decided to make a soup. My step-mom buys different veggies then I normally do, so it was fun shaking up my go-to soup. I used ground beef, 2 potatoes, two handfuls of kale, and mushrooms. I let the meat brown then added a carton of beef stock, the veggies, and then my spices (basil, parsley, oragano, salt and pepper) to taste. I let that simmer for about 45 minutes and when it was done we all attacked! The whole family ate it! 

All weekend my little sister wanted to make cupcakes. I did not want to be tempted by this devil food, so I kept putting her off (nicely). Finally, in between binge watching Pretty Little Liars, I decided we should make these cupcakes of hers. I was so impressed and proud of her. She found the recipe, gathered all of the ingredients, made the batter, and filled the tray all on her own! My step-mom had to call me when she got home to really see if Lilly Kate made them from scratch and without our help. We might just have a little Master Chef Jr on our hands!

{her shirt says it all}
It was a great weekend for me and Mike. We got to have alone time with just one sibling and really focus on her. That is really rare with the large families we have, so we tried to soak up every moment.  My little brother was with us for just a little bit of the weekend, but when we did see him it was so fun. I found out that he likes watching HGTV's Beach Front Bargains with me, Lilly Kate doesn't tell you where she is going and you have to find out through a neighbor where she is, Mike gets headaches when he watches too many movies, I found a "new to me" show on HGTV called Fixer Upper... In love!, and I also had a chance to soak up these moments because life moves so quickly. It was a great weekend! 

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