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Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Post- Feb 20th-22nd

Happy Monday! My day has been filled with meeting and cups of coffee! I definitely needed it after staying up last night to watch the Oscars. How great was Lady Gaga??

Life lately has been great, well minus the fact that Mike is in Florida all this week for work. It isn't fun getting ready alone in the mornings or not having him their to motivate me to get out of bed for the gym. I snoozed way too many times this morning..

Here is a look at our weekend:)

Friday night was spent with my ladies at the rodeo. Eli Young Band performed and the company was great, but I have to be honest... I might have dozed off for a second. A) I was really tired and B) he talked WAY too much. I loved his Texas pride though.

Saturday morning started off with cardio kickboxing. Mike's boss teaches the class on the weekends so I really have to give it my all. I'm pretty sure I blacked out half way, but damn do I feel like I can kick some ass afterwards. But really.. she makes me feel like I can defend myself and I love the soreness the next day. My body hurts in places I didn't know existed.

Our friends Chris and Natalie were in town for a bridal shower, so we got to hang out with them Saturday night. The conversation picked up right where it left off and I miss them already. I can't wait to take a trip to Dallas and visit them!

I had to drop Mike off early Sunday morning... whomp whomp. It's never fun watching him leave. To drown my sorrows, I went to a new coffee shop in town to have quiet time. It didn't last long because I started freaking out about where my phone charger was. How sad is that? It was more the fact that I "lost" something than "of no my precious material object is going to die". I hate losing things and my mind couldn't focus. **I walked into my office this morning and it was sitting right there on my desk** After a few frantic minutes of me emptying all of my belonging, I started reading the book of Matthew. What a way to stop thinking earthly and start thinking eternally. My goal for Lent is to read the four Gospels. 

The coffee shop is right next to my parents, so I headed that way. When I walked in they were watching HGTV's Flea Market Flip and now my brother wants to buy and flip everything he can get his hands on. My dad told him that would be a great way to earn money for his first car. I LOVE it! Work for what you want:) Next thing I know we are getting wrapped up in a Fixer Upper marathon and I got all kinds of inspired. I want to drive to Waco just to go to their shop. 

I had been wanting to go to a farmer's market in town, so I threw it out there to the fam. Everyone joined me and next thing I know my brother said it was the best day ever. I mean, how cool am I? He got addicted to Kombucha and is looking forward to next Sunday:) 

 {she loved their honey}

 {everything is so pretty}

I am SO looking forward to tonight's Bachelor episode. A friend told me who Spoiler Steve picked to win and I don't want to agree with him! I can't wait to see the finale!

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