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Thursday, February 5, 2015

February's List

I am such a list person. If I have a one going and can physically check off a box I am a happy camper. Something in me clicks and happiness is released. With that said, I feel like I constantly have new ideas, inspirations, errands, thoughts flying around my mind that I forget to write down before they become a wave of confusion. I find myself saying, "I am going to do this!" and then shortly am on to the next thing. By seeing this as a positive and NOT a negative, I want to start by making small monthly goals to do the things I want... goal setting. Making my goals into a list and checking them off.

In February I want:

To DIY something. I used to do this all the time, but since getting married I have put my craftiness aside. I am not sure if it is because I feel like our little apartment is caving on us or what, but I want to let my crafty flag fly. Pinterest really inspires me, so I plan on finding at least one crafty thing for this month and DO IT! Also, to bring up Pinterest, I plan on doing a Pinterest make over soon! It needs a good update:)

**this got me really excited for Valentine's Day!

{ I would love to see one of these hanging on our wall!}

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to focus more on reading. There are new books I see all the time I want to buy, but I need to dive into the ones on my shelves first! But as for February, I want to re-read The Meaning Of Marriage. Mike and I read this when we were engaged, but I feel like it would mean something totally different now. I want it to be a discussion between me and Mike, chapter by chapter.

This one goes hand in hand with reading, but I am going to start creating quiet time. This is something my soul needs, so I am going to do it. If I can carve out time to read I can carve out time to pray, write, and read scripture. This started last night and I loved it. It is a goal to make it happen and happen often. 

**my friends got me this notebook as a gift and it has become my go-to for all my ideas/thoughts/prayers

{such a great reminder for me- found here}

What are your current goals and inspirations?

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