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Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Post- January 23rd-25th

Michael's birthday weekend was a success. There were a few times where I felt I should have planned more, but looking back there was beauty in going with the flow.

On Friday I was going back and forth with what we should do that night. I started to stress out a little because I wanted to make it fun, but knew I couldn't eat just any where. After a quick chat with my friend, I decided that we were going to go over to my dad's and cook. What a great decision. When we got there my step-mom had a roast for us with incredible mushrooms. I am not the biggest mushroom fan, but she had to almost yell at me to keep out. Once I find the recipe I will definitely post. It was the perfect way to start off his weekend.

{birthday cupcakes}

As promised, Saturday started off with pancakes! I cooked the recipe from The Paleo Kitchen and they came out perfect! Mike is always so good about telling me how much he loves the food I cook. Such a boost. 

After pancakes, we decided to go to Austin. There is a Paleo restaurant there called Picnik and I have been wanting to go for about five months now. They have Whole 30 options as well, so I was in a state of pure joy. The owner was there and so helpful! She modified my butter coffee to make it Whole 30 approved and helped me pick out the best meal for my plan. 

{all types of butter coffee!}

{container- sirloin steak, beets, parsnip puree, cauliflower/ tomato soup/ butter coffee}

From there we hit up a consignment store. Mike and I love walking around these types of places and getting ideas. We walked around Cosmic Consignment a few times and each time kept coming back to this one vintage school desk. It needs a paint job, but we ended up buying it for our apartment. 

We went to a few more antique places before finally hitting the road back home. Naturally, we needed a road trip beverage, so I tried Topo Chico for the first time. SO refreshing!

Saturday night was topped off with dinner with our friends, Mexican food, and Saving Mr. Banks. If you have not seen that movie I highly recommend it. I had no clue Mary Poppins was a true story!

Sunday started off with church and a message on Psalms 34 (this was last week's message.. so good) followed by brunch with Mike's Mom, step dad and our sister-in-law. The food was incredible and we had such a good time catching up with them! They move into their new house soon and I can't wait to have stay-cations with them!

From there we took a nap, went to the grocery store, rented Skeleton Twins and cooked soup. Once again, I threw everything that was turning bad into a pot and made a soup. This time it was ground turkey, chicken stock, zucchini, celery, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, green beans and spices (oregano, thyme, basil, salt and pepper). I think this has become my winter Sunday night meal. 

{those la croixs are AMAZING} 

Our night ended with reading a book on Philippians. Our friends got Mike this book for his birthday and we decided to read chapter one together. Just from that alone I felt so close to God and Mike. We talk about reading like this all the time, but end up finding something else to do. It was so needed and we both are ready to start incorporating it into our daily routine. 

I had a thought this weekend as I was celebrating my husband. Why don't we celebrate each other like this everyday? Why do we let the little things get us down sometimes? Not once this weekend did we get in a tiff with each other. Instead we loved and made memories. We should celebrate like that everyday! We don't need the weekends to have fun and we don't need big events to have a reason to celebrate. 

Mike, I celebrate you; today and everyday. I love you with all of me. Cheers to 26!

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