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Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Friday, I'm In Love

This weekend is a special one. Michael turns 26 on Saturday and we are going to live it up! Last year's present took the prize, so this year we are going to let the plans make them selves and go with the flow. The only definite plan so far is pancakes. Ask and you shall receive, sweets!

This week's loves are:

Janna Conner: Can I please have one of each?! Her jewelry speaks to me on so many levels. Her rings were the first to catch my eye and I love them because you can dress them up or down. I love all of the styles and colors, too! I plan on posting the ones I want up on the fridge and seeing if Mike gets the hint:)

Southward Apparel: This is a favorite of mine. I have seen their clothes in a few of my favorite shops and the only thing that has kept me from buying them is that my size is all sold out! They capture the south perfectly all while being fashionable. And they are comfortable! Their shirts give the perfect "boyfriend" look all while being fashionable. Also, one of my college friend's is engaged to one of the founders, so I have a 7th degree of Kevin Bacon thing going on:) With the rodeo coming up, I have this one on my list:

The Lone Bellow: Ohhh, they are so good. I love their sound and vibe and guess what? They have a new CD coming out on January 27th! Go check them out:)

Enjoy the Small Things: Her blog captured my heart when I read the birth story of her daughter, Nella. I look forward to her posts when I scroll through Instagram and feel like I am apart of her beautiful pictures. Her outlook on life and family is inspiring and this week her daughter Nella turned five and her letter to her brought me to tears. She is wonderful!

Happy Weekend, friends!!

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