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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Friday, I'm In Love

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great New Years! Mike and I are headed to Abilene tomorrow for a friend's wedding, so naturally I need to go buy a new outfit:) But before I hit the stores, here are this week's obsessions!! Happy 2015!

Qalo Ring: Mike and I both don't work out in our wedding rings and we HATE it! We have been looking for another way to "wear" them and I think Mike found the perfect thing! These Qalo rings are perfect for the active lifestyle. We wouldn't worry about scratching them on the bars or hitting them on the equipment. These are a definite must!

Coffee Blocks: I really have to watch what I add to my coffee while on Whole30. I can't just pick up a creamer and add it in because who knows whats in it. These coffee blocks are perfect for on the go and to keep at work. All you do is get a cup of hot water and drop it in! It is so simple and full of healthy ingredients- unsalted butter from grass fed cows, organic extra virgin coconut oil, egg yolks from free range chickens, organic vanilla, and organic fair trade Columbian coffee. I can't wait to try it!

Speakable NYC: I stumbled upon these sweet necklaces this week. They are so simple and would be a cute touch to an outfit! The "Be Still" necklace really stood out to me and would be a great reminder to take a step back and be present.

Ascot & Hart: I have posted about my obsession with this company before and am here to do it again. Their clothes are so unique and "comfy" chic. I am constantly checking them out on Instagram and their website for what's new. Their styles inspire me and I want to buy everything! I have a major crush on this shirt and it will soon be part of my weekly wardrobe.

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