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Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Friday, I'm In Love

We wanted to create a new weekly post about our current "Obsessions" because we come across things we love all the time. Every Friday we will be posting "It's Friday, I'm In Love" showing the loves we have found that week.

To start this thing off, here are our current obsessions!

May Designs: So these have definitely gained popularity, especially since The Oprah put them on her  list of favorites. Slowly with age, I believe I have started shifting from "bag" lady to "notebook" lady.  Can you ever have too many notebooks? I have to have at least one for each of my bags:) But in all seriousness,  I love how cute and personalized their journals are. There are so many options to choose from and available in all colors, fonts, and patterns! These make the perfect little gift for any occasion!

Taylor Made It Paleo: I stumbled upon her Instagram page a couple of months back from following one person that led me to another, then to another, then her:) I loved seeing her posts on what she has been up to and the delicious food she cooks/bakes. Recently, I started checking out her blog as well and now I am hooked and want to make everything. I get a little overwhelmed sometimes when I find recipes that have 20+ ingredients for one dish, so I love that hers are simple deliciousness. There seriously is not one recipe one her blog that doesn't look good to me. I tried out her Maple Mug Cake this week and not only was it super simple, it was equally as delicious and put my sweet tooth to rest.

FitBug Air: We all got these at work, so I have been trekking around town with this baby on my hip. I used to have another type of pedometer, but it died on me randomly. These seriously make you aware of how little you walk a day (that's coming from someone with a desk job). I thought it would go through the roof at the gym, but we haven't been doing as much cardio lately with our new plan. They synce with an app on your phone and sends the data automatically. I have been loving this little tool and it reminds me to get up and keep moving!

Every Last Crumb: This cookbook came out this week and I have been dreaming about when I get my hands on it. It is a cookbook all about Paleo breads and more. We are not the biggest bread eaters, but I think some of that has to do with it's original form not being Paleo. I have also seen some Instagrammers posting her PMS Brownies. They look devine and the name says it all! I am planning on tearing this up this weekend! PS.. the writer's blog is awesome too.

Wild: Mike and I are dying to see this movie! We have been obsessively looking for a showing, but it hasn't made it's way to San Antonio yet.

I hope some of these "loves" find your fancy! I would love to hear what your obsessions are! Let's be obsessed together:)

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