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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Post- Nov 21st-23rd

I can't believe it is the Monday before Thanksgiving! This year has flown by, but I am so excited for this week. Mike and I are heading to Houston on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

This past weekend was all about getting ready for the holidays. Christmas music was blaring (with a little T Swift action mixed in) and the deep cleaning carried over from last weekend.

Friday night I had a little surprise for Mike. He drummed in high school and craves playing everyday. A while back he got rid of his drum pads and sticks and has been wanting new ones for a while now. I wanted to get him these for Christmas, but he told me once that picking out sticks takes time and you have to find the perfect two. It sounds to me like an imprinting situation.

So we ended up at the music store and spent about an hour in there. It was cute seeing him act like a kid in a candy store. Successful surprise!

{get it}

Saturday morning was spent running errands in the pouring rain. We took on the rain like crazies, but the stores were totally empty. #winning

Mike headed to a friend's wedding shower (with his friend) while I stayed home, deep cleaned, Facetimed with my baby sis, and hung out with my friend, Rach. We ran a few errands and then came home and watched The Office. I can't stop watching it!! It is a major addiction.

{caught in the act}

Of course, Sunday was spent watching more of The Office and planning out our Black Friday attack. Last year we raked in on Black Friday and the crowds were minimal. This has kind of turned into a tradition for me and my Mom. We are such deal hunters, so we are really looking forward to it!

We also stopped by Mike's dad and went on a long walk while waiting for my car. Six months ago, some crazy broke into my car and stole my radio and other things. It has taken me those 6 months to get over my bitterness, but I will say having my tunes back in my car is great. Right in time for Christmas music 24/7.

{fall trees on our walk}

Happy Monday!

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