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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's Get Caught Up

I don't know why, but I have gotten off my blogging game and I deeply apologize!

It's time to play catch up here on TLD. For starters.. it's freezing. And I'm not ok. I really don't function during the winter and my attitude sways a little more sassy. It is definitely a personal problem, but when the wind it cutting through your jacket are you supposed to be 100% happy?

Enough of that. We have a day to celebrate. On Sunday, it was the one year birthday of This Little Drum. It has been so fun filling this space with pieces of our life and watching it grow. Becoming part of the blogging community has been such a great experience and having people say they read the blog has been so fun and rewarding. Thanks goes to you for being such a huge part of TLD!

Last week we had my sister and step-mom's birthdays too! Lots of love last week. I get to celebrate my little sister's birthday in a few weeks when we go home for Thanksgiving:) But on Saturday, we had a surprise party for my step-mom. We tricked her into coming home because my brother "broke" his hand and then BAM! SURPRISE!! I think she might have had a feeling that something was going on, mainly because my dad was cleaning. Can you say, "Rare Sighting"? I love you, Dad!

In other news, Mike and I found a new 6 week workout routine from Muscle and Fitness and are LOVING it! I used to do a lot of squats on the squat rack, but started switching them out for body-weight squats. This routine has us doing all kinds of weighted squats and let me tell you... there might be a little more junk in this trunk now. It has only been two weeks and I can already tell a huge difference in my overall tone.

I have been spending a lot of my time cooking and trying out new recipes. We are getting so excited for Thanksgiving and I am searching for the perfect Paleo side dish. I have been adding some new things to our "Cook It" page on Pinterest and can't wait to try them all. Pumpkin should be a year round thing.

Tonight I made a frittata for breakfast for the rest of the week. I got this out of It Starts With Food. All you do is add all ingredients together and bake.

Ground Beef (turkey)
9 eggs
sweet paprika

Set the oven to 400 degrees. In a oven-bake pan, cook the ground beef. When the beef is almost done, add in the onion and spinach. While that is cooking, in a bowl, mix together the 9 eggs and seasonings. When the onions are soft, pour the eggs over the meat. Stir it around until it gets a little thicker. Then make sure it is all mixed (without the eggs being fully cooked) and put in the oven for 13-15 minutes. Cut and serve.

That about sums up we have been up to. Just add in a few episodes of The Office, Nashville, and The Voice. I hope you all are having a great week!

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