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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whole30- Day 30!!

Guys, I made it! Yesterday I finished the Whole30- thirty day plan! And I feel AMAZING! It truly 100% starts with food!

I learned a lot throughout those 30 days. My will power is stronger than ever. I was strong when it came to my decisions and kindly let others around me know my goals. There is a fine line between being rude and motivated, so if you are going to do this plan make it known what your goals are. It stinks telling people no when it comes to going out to eat/happy hour, but in the end it is all worth it. Be strong! You got this!

I have learned the beauty of confidence. I have grown to appreciate my body for what it is and how it functions. When you internally feel great it seeps through to how you carry yourself. It has taken me some time to truly appreciate this, but now I feel so confident!

Another big factor on this plan was time. It helps to look at your week and see what you have coming up. Meal planning takes a bit, but this was a huge factor in helping me be successful. I would have meetings some days, would be out of town for others, so I had to have meals planned for. But if you stick with it, you develop a passion for finding new recipes and cooking. I don't want that to come off daunting at all because it's not. You just have to get in your own rhythm that works for you! I would sit down on the weekends and plan out my meals for the week. Based on preference, I would then see what could be cooked in advance for the week (hard boiled eggs, cut up fruit, muffins (later in the plan)) and what needed to be cooked day by day (veggies, meatloaf, curry). I slowly would start finding great snack options and would start buying those in bulk. As you might have seen from a few of my posts or Instagram, LaraBars were and are my go-tos. Those things are life savers! I highly recommend them, but just make sure you look at the ingredients just to be safe! All I want to do in my free time now is research new meals (my favorites are PaleOMG and Against All Grain) and cook/bake Paleo! It is so much fun:)

Now for my results. I was going to post a picture of how I looked before and after, but I felt a little weird doing so. So instead I opted for a picture after our volleyball game last night (the last night of the 30 days). Over the last 30 days, I have lost 2 inches in my hips. It was so sneaky! I would measure myself every week and was amazed at what the tape measure showed. My hips have always been my tricky spot and I never thought I would find out the formula to get them to go down. Did you know that a great way to lose weight is eating right?! Crazy, right? Why do we pump our bodies full of processed, refined foods that only cause our bodies pain? Junk food is the new cigarette.

I have become so passionate about food and learning what my body agrees and doesn't agree with. This meal plan and now lifestyle has opened my eyes in ways I never thought possible! If you are feeling in a slump about what you eat and are wanting a quick reboot, I highly recommend picking up the book It Starts With Food and flipping through the pages. Also, now that I have been through those first 30 days I can help you on your journey! It is a life changer!

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