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Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Post- Oct 3rd-5th

I happily type this post with a huge smile on my face. Mike and I are watching The Voice and I just love the commentary between the coaches. I half watch the show just to hear them talk.

Here is a look into our weekend:

On Friday, my office went after work to go see Gone Girl. I am not sure how I feel about it. I read the book and loved it, but don't know if the same suspense was translated in the movie. If you read the book, let me know what you think. Mike didn't read the book, but he loved it. He had some questions at the end, which made me think they didn't do a good job explaining everything that happened. But the books are always better. I do think though that if you read the book you should still go see it anyway.

Saturday and Sunday were jam packed. Mike and I started Saturday off with a TRX band workout. We have been incorporating this more and more into our workouts. It's crazy how just using your body weight can keep you sore for days.

From there we met up with our friends and The Pearl Farmer's Market. It was the perfect weekend to be outside, so we took advantage of it! We walked around for a bit and then concluded with lunch at La Gloria. Their beverages are amazeeeeeeee. I might have taken a nap when I got home because of it..

 {the largest sweet potato i have EVER seen}

 {the ladies}


Saturday night was spent hanging out with my dad. We hadn't seen him in a while, so we met up for dinner and made a fire in the back yard (in a fire pit, Smokey). I could sit around a fire for days with my family, friends and good music. Throw some s'mores in there and I will be in for.

Sunday started with a bang. Literally. Mike, my step-mom, little sister and I signed up for a Pancake 5k. I have really grown to love these runs. They are over really fast, but you feel accomplished afterwards. My sister was nervous to run at first ,but she stayed with me the whole time. I was gushing with pride for her. We ran it in 33 minutes, which beats my time from my last 5k. Hell yeah. This race was so fun and the course was beautiful. We ran all through one of the city parks and down Broadway. And the kicker.. pancakes at the end. It doesn't get any better.

After the race I hit the grocery store to buy for the week. Grocery shopping has become quiet time for me. I oddly find it really relaxing. Even more relaxing with a coffee in hand. I also have become a huge label reader, so I take my time in the isles.

{new favorite flavor}

From there I went home, showered and headed to my other sister's soccer game. I have to remind myself not to coach from the parent's side. It takes all that I have, but I am reminded how innocent she is after she kicks the ball and then looks to us for approval. That alone reminds me how precious family is.

{she is that little spec holding her line like a boss}

Next stop, my Aunt's house for a gender revealing party for my cousin and his wife. They are having a baby in February and yesterday we all found out together that they are having a boy. Oh, how I can't wait to hold him!

After my Aunt's we headed back to the soccer fields to watch my brother play. He makes me emotional when he plays. I seriously found myself tearing up after he scored a few games back. I had to stop and yell at myself to get it together. He is just so good for his age and such a team player. Yesterday one of his teammates assisted his goal and he ran over to him right after to praise him. That is rare these days (I might be biased).


The weekend ended with football. Wooohooo. So that was our weekend in a nutshell. I think it was our busiest in a while, but it was filled with so much love and great friends. And pancakes.

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