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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Yay for the weekend! This week was a long one, but it was really fun. I traveled to San Diego for work, which was beautiful. On the plane ride there I wrote out a post about last weekend, but never got around to posting it. So, I start this post with pics from last weekend because it was super fun.

Mike and I went into my office on Saturday to finish getting ready for the trip. When we went in it was pouring rain, but when we came out there was basically a huge party going on. ArtPace was hosting their event Chalk It Up where everyone was invited to come down town and chalk up the streets.

Saturday night we had family pictures. It was fun to get dressed up:)

Sunday Mike surprised me with brunch at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. It was perfect. After brunch we walked the grounds, which is stunning. They have a Lego exhibit going on where throughout the grounds they have Lego creations. That must have been extremely time consuming..


{he actually drank his coffee! this is rare people}


{Lego butterfly}

{this chair is bigger then it looks..}

{makes me want to have a green thumb}

Monday through Wednesday was spent in California. We were able to spend most of Monday and Wednesday morning in San Diego before our flight out, so we spent as much time as possible on the beach. It solidified my dreams to live next to water one day.

{this was a must}

{total relaxation}

{all i asked was when happy hour ended and he came back with this}

Right when we landed I headed downtown to meet up with my co-worker and friend. We got tickets to see the 8 Man Jam and were able to get VIP tickets to go backstage and meet all of the artist. I thought I would be really star struck, but I wasn't at all. They are totally just normal people, which is refreshing. Except for one, who shall not be named, who was sassy. Almost like she was running away from everyone to mack on her arm candy. 
It was an intimate concert and I loved the commentary between each artist. I found myself sitting their with my mouth wide open in an intense gaze.Total blast!

{Frankie Ballard}

{Cassadee Pope!}

{Big & Rich}

{Josh Abbott Band}

Cheers to the weekend!

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