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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whole30 Meals This Far

So far the Whole30 meal plan has been working out really well! It has definitely taken a lot of prep time, but in the long run my body is feeling so much healthier. I haven't had that gross, overly full feeling in 14 days now and I have to admit I do not miss it at all.

I have found that I like to cook my meals the night before instead of all at once for the whole week (unless it is chicken and that all gets cooked on Sunday by the Mr). I don't know yet if that is because I seriously enjoy my time in the kitchen or if that is because I like it hot, right then and there- no microwave. Also, if we do go out to eat I have made sure to ask the waiter how the chicken/fish/beef is prepared and what all goes into it. That can make or break that meal, so make sure to ask those questions if you are trying this!

Either way, I am seriously loving this new life style. I learn something new that I can eat everyday and am stating to get more creative, which is something that I thought I would never be good at.

Here are some of my main meals:

{black coffee & fruit cup}

{sausage & egg with cantaloupe}

{coffee with almond milk & apple and strawberries with TJs almond butter (no added sugar)}

*Other meals not posted are hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes and turkey bacon.

{meatloaf w/ homemade BBQ sauce- lunch & dinner}

{tuna in water with homemade mayo & apples w/ sweet potato}

{BBQ date with the coworkers (sausage & brisket) **I did NOT eat those rolls or sauce**}

*Other lunch meals not pictured have been grilled chicken breast, grilled fish and veggies.* 

{chicken sausage from TJs (no added sugars) & salad w/homemade avocado dressing}

{sweet potatoes, egg, turkey bacon (no added sugar)}

{sweet potato hash- I eat this ALL the time... my go-to meal}

*Other dinner meals have been salmon, grilled chicken breast & turkey sausage and spaghetti squash.*


{great work snack}

{Larabars- seriously delish for such few ingredients & coffee with unsweetened almond milk}

I am excited to see what is to come as far as transformations. To date I have lost over an inch in my hips and that alone keeps me going. My hips have always been my "trouble" area, so to see them shrinking before my eyes is pretty cool. Knowing that it is happening mainly because of what I'm eating is pretty crazy to think about. So... why haven't I started this sooner?! All I know is how I feel currently and that is fan-freakin'-tastic. Bring on this new lifestyle!!

If you are interested in starting the Whole30 plan and want to talk it over let me know! I would be more than happy to chat about this amazing plan and tips I have found to help:)

Happy clean eating!

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