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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Post- Sept 26-28

I sit here writing with the smell of chicken looming around our apartment. If there is one smell I really dislike it is that of yard bird. I'm not sure why, but EW (said like Jimmy Fallon's Ew skit).

On another note, our weekend has been fun. I feel like I say that every weekend post and if you have caught on to that I am sorry. I guess if it's a busy one it's fun and if it's slow it's fun. Mike and I are working on finding the happy medium between running ourselves thin and not wasting the day. It is definitely a process, but this weekend was a good start. 

In my eyes our weekend, or change of pace, started on Thursday night. My friends and I went to another spin class at JoyRide and then went to The Cove after for dinner. Our loved ones met up with us after spin and we all relaxed enjoying good company, food, and live music. 


{love them}

At my office on Friday we had a tailgate party where everyone one brought in side dishes and hung out together. I have to say, I work at a pretty awesome place. 

Friday night Mike and I watched Dateline where I got freaked out and decided to go to bed. I have never been one for those types of shows. They reel me in and then I can't stop thinking about them for weeks. 

Saturday, Mike went and hit up the gym while I slept in. Me sleeping in was part of the whole "you can still sleep in and not waste the day" attempt. I slept until 8:30 and felt like it was noon. Works for me. 

My sweet, non-coffee drinking husband stopped and got me a coffee on his way home. It's the little things, y'all. Once I got up and moving, my friend Rachel accompanied me to the grocery store where I bought the ingredient's for PalOMG's Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Skins and Primal Palate's Chocolate Chip cookies. Mike and I were headed over to friends house that night to eat and watch college football. I was excited to try out new recipes and even happier to hang out with Rach for a bit. 

The Sweet Potato Skins took FOREVER, but that's just because it takes a while in general to bake potatoes. The recipe has cheese on there as an option, but I didn't make them with it.

The cookies were awesome and really easy to make. It's amazing to me that I can actually bake something now and not burn it to a crisp. I am not sure if that's because I have become a better baker or if it's because I am actually reading the recipe. Baking is such a science. {Insert picture of cookie here. We ate them all before I remembered to snap a pic.}

Football night was fun and really relaxing. We topped of the last game with a cup of coffee and the cookies. Definitely the comfy feeling I was needing. I am SO ready for fall. But just fall... no winter.

{i decided we need a love seat. love being squished with my babe}

Sunday started off with a run at our apartment gym. Mike and I have another 5k next Sunday, so I have been making sure to do some sort of cardio every day. We couldn't find the remote to change the channel, so we were stuck watching the ProActive info-mercial. First off, they must have paid Adam Levine a crap-ton to do that commercial. Second, Mike and I now know all of the benefits of ProActive, so if you are feeling helpless in the face wash, let us know, ProActive can help! 

We hurried back to our apartment, showered, ate and headed to church. The message was on truth and how Jesus is truth. We read over John and 1 John- "Jesus is the truth and the way and the life."
We ran into our friends after for a quick catch up and then headed to grab an almond milk latte at one on our favorite places.

From there we headed to Mike's mom's house where they were packing up and getting ready to move to a new home. This house is where so many wonderful memories were shared and fun family parties were had. It is where Mike and I shared our first holidays together. Now, we will make new ones in there beautiful new home. During the packing, Mike found his old Play Mobile toys. It was the cutest thing seeing him find pieces that he used to love. His mom is keeping all of their old toys for our kids one day. How special:)

{go Texans!}

{cowboys and indians play mobile!}

On our way we stopped off at the book store and I picked up Love-ology by John Mark Comer. I saw this book on Instagram and was instantly on a hunt to find it. I can't wait to start it.

Sunday ended with Sunday Night Football and Scandal. I missed the premire last week due to our spin class and waited until Sunday night to indulge. Side note, as I type Mike just called out and asked, "what is this crap?!". I turn to look at the TV to see that "this crap" is Zac Efron in High School Musical. Oh Michael, if you only knew how much "that crap" meant to me back in the day. Love me some Zac. 

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