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Monday, September 22, 2014

Quick Post From Our Weekend

I sit here writing this eating frozen bananas topped with almond butter AND watching The Voice! Woohoo it's back!

Looking back on the weekend it seems like all I did was grocery shop (2 times in one day) and cook. Not complaining by any means! I seriously can't wait until Mike and I go house shopping so I can find (renovate if needed) my dream kitchen. I highly doubt I will find it right away, but I am looking so forward to it now that I have been cooking in our apartment kitchen. We have ZERO natural light in our kitchen now. Not ok.

Whole30 has made me crave new dishes and has given me the patience to plan and cook what my body needs. It is crazy looking back on what I was eating before and how I felt. I never thought I would be able to figure out the combo between what to eat, my workouts and feeling great. I can honestly say that I have been working out 5 times a week, but nothing like what I was doing before Whole30. But you know what the crazy thing is?? I feel the best I have yet in my adult years. It's so true when they say abs are made in the kitchen. Not that I have abs or anything. Not yet, at least!

My step-mom asked me yesterday if I had weighed myself recently. It took me a second to think about the last time I had and I couldn't remember. I used to let the scale determine my mood and day and I was so tired of that. I don't plan on weighing myself anytime soon, but I do measure my hips weekly. That alone keeps me going because it's like they are disappearing without me even noticing.

Now let me step down from my soap box and share some pics from the weekend :)

{family fun game}

{lazy football watching!}

{homemade butternut squash soup from The Paleo Kitchen cookbook (used different squash)}

{stolen phone equals random photos}

{made two types of muffins- blueberry & pumpkin- both from PaleOMG}

{homemade chicken squash fritters from The Paleo Kitchen- made by my step-mom:) }

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

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