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Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Currents

Currently we are loving a lot of things.. whats new? I have new cravings all the time, which typically get started on one thing which leads me to another and then another...

1) I have never really been one to always have my makeup done. Mainly because I am a "slap on some mascara and go" type of gal, but then also because when I do want to do my make up it looks like someone punched me in the eye. So, I tend to stick with the mascara to not freak people out. BUT the other day I stumbled upon this beauty and it seems like my makeup fears have been answered. The Beauty Department is perfect for the ladies like myself. They give great pointers on different beauty looks and how to achieve them. They also have great hair tutorials which is yet another dept. I lack in. My hair is board straight... so I tested some on my sister.

2) Instagram is basically my daily daydream. When I have a moment to pause real quick I hop on there to see what my inspirations are up to. Mike, yet again, came in for the win last week when he told me to check out Flower Girl NYC. I have been really into flower arrangements since helping my step-mom with my cousin's wedding last weekend. Basically, I can't stop finding people on Instagram who create these beautiful displays out of nature. So, Flower Girl NYC does just that and I am obsessed. I'm half tempted to fly to NYC just to take on of their flower classes. Anyone down??

{bridesmaid's bouquets}


{flowers from the dinner tables}

3) Mike and I have had the same rinky-dink TV stand since he lived with his old roommate. We found it on sale falling apart and put our trust in Gorilla Glue to keep it together. After too many years of having this thing, we finally decided to have our insanely talented friend make us an entertainment piece. Now all we need to do is update all the rest of our furniture to match:)
{this picture doesn't even do it justice & its not that red. don't get too jealous of our antenna}

4) Another obsession is the cookbook section at Costco. First off, the prices are amazing. Second, they have such a wide variety. Lastly, I found the cookbook I have been wanting for a while! So, if you're wanting to get really good cookbooks for a great price I recommend making a trip to Costco!

{can't wait to try!!}

5) Lastly, have you seen the Gone Girl movie trailer? Last week I finished the book and have been dissecting it with my co-workers. We are all going to see the movie when it comes out, but I am so curious how they are going to translate some part of the book to the big screen. And will it have the same ending? Either way I can't wait! 

What are some of your current obsessions??

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  1. Ashlyn, I absolutely love your blog. It's so inspiring and makes me want to break routine and try new things! My current obsession? Just one. UTSA Football. Go Runners!