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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Long Week/Great Week

Last week was a crazy one, but a great one at that. It started off on Tuesday with a morning coffee date with my lady friends. We started grabbing coffee before work and it is seriously needed. I look forward to it every week:) And this week I ran into my Brother-in-law. Winning.

Last Tuesday our conversation led us to planning a trip to NOLA. Um.... I'm so excited!!! None of us have ever been and we all are a good mix of site seeing, foodies and night life. This will be amazing. 

After work on Tuesday we all took a spin class at JoyRide. I had never been there, but boy do I want to go back! The energy was amazing and the company was even better. The "easiest" things turned out to burn the most! Mike and I did a spin class at our gym, but this one was so different! The instructor was awesome and had me sweating through my clothes! I highly recommend a spin class for a great workout and if you're in the San Antonio area go check out JoyRide! P.S. they have really cute shirts and water bottles.

Two other things that made my week great were these awesome finds. We went to Trader Joe's and found these two ingredient bars. They are great for a throw-in-the-purse snack! There are about 4 flavors to choose from, too! The other find was a Coconut Mango candle- 1/2 my favorite flavor and 1/2 Mike's. Pretty awesome. 1) It was in the sale section at Anthro...does it get any better?! 2) It makes our apartment smell amazing. Hunt it down if there is an Anthro near you:)

To top the week off, we had an agency retreat at Main Event. Our office was divided into different bowling teams at the beginning of the week, which started a train of trash-talk emails. All in fun, of course. (Side note, I knew I wouldn't be able to eat the food graciously provided, so I had to prepare my meal ahead of time and bring it. Preparing takes a little time and planning, but it is totally do able if you want it enough.) 

The retreat was great bonding and got our competitive juices flowing. I love my job:)

 {these bowling lanes are posh}

 {don't be jealous}

 {me, Morgan, Megan..just missed Victoria:( }

 {some of the office}

{Morgan & I did the ropes course above everyone:)}

Cheers to it being the weekend!

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