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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anniversary Trip To Cabo

Sorry we have been a little MIA, but it is because we have been out of the country celebrating our one year anniversary! The week leading up to the trip was full of planning, packing and watching time tick by as we anxiously awaited our travels. 

We got to Cabo San Lucas a week ago today and were pampered the whole stay. Actually to the point of, “I don’t want to look at another steak or Pina Colada”. But that just means we took in every moment and ate like Kings.

{anniversary sign and champagne} 

Our resort was absolutely beautiful! We received an upgrade to our room and ended up with one of the best views at the resort. We were smack dab in the center and looked out on the endless ocean.

 The moment we landed we grabbed a drink at the bar and hit the beach. Their beach is nothing like the beaches in Texas. The waves were HUGE and they came up to the edge of the resort. We walked the beach for about a minute until we were hit with a wave that came up to my chest. No thank you; I rather live. Our dinner that night was at the Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. I feel we got lucky because the couples that sat with us were awesome. We ended up spending the rest of the night with them at the bar and sang a little karaoke.

{right before I was tackled}

The only time the weather was bad was on our actual anniversary. There was a hurricane close to Cabo, which brought the nasty weather with it. That was our first full day at the resort, but it forced us to relax, sleep and enjoy the sound of the waves.

The rest of our days were beautiful. When the sun came out Mike and I put on our swim suits as fast as possible and raced to the pool. It was funny seeing everyone emerge from their rooms craving the sunlight. There were two huge infinity pools that put you right in front of the water. If you were sitting in your chair it looked like the pool was an extension of the ocean. Thank goodness I went back and got our sunscreen because we got pretty crispy. I can’t image what we would look like if we didn’t even have a little on.

We promised each other we wouldn’t talk about work once. And we kept that promise. It was so good to disconnect for a few days and recharge. Mike finished Killing Jesus (the title kinda makes me cringe) and I on the other hand had a hard time getting into Gone Girl. Finally I am at a good point and can’t wait to see what happens. I hear there are some crazy twists...

{he lived in the robe the whole trip}

Its always sad to leave, but the amount of time spent away was perfect. We would go back in a heart beat!

 {they had turquoise accents everywhere}

 {delicious coffee}

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