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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Look Back On the Weekend

Happy Monday!

This past weekend seemed like it lasted longer than usual (not complaining). I think it is because we had zero plans and didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time. Either way, it was a nice, "long", relaxing weekend for us.

Friday night started with a spontaneous date night planned by Michael. He decided midway through Friday that he was going to pick me up from work and take me somewhere. We ended up at Blue Star Brewery in the too cute Blue Star area (coffee shops, restaurants, living, arts) in San Antonio. I had no clue where we were headed, but was extremely happy when I saw the sign. 10 points to Michael (in my mind I'm saying it like 10 points to Gryffindor)! The food was delicious and I actually had a beer! I mean it's a brewery so I wasn't about to disrespect (I don't drink beer).

Saturday we woke up and went for a run. We house sat my Dad and Step-mom's house for the weekend, so we were excited to have a neighborhood to run in. Later in the day we hit up the pool where I brought my It Starts With Food book. I am back into reading this 100%! I got so inspired by reading it that Mike and I headed straight to the grocery store after church.

For dinner Saturday night we made Cherry Mustard Pork Chops and Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies from PaleOMG. I felt extremely legit!

{baking and pitch perfect. doesn't get much better}

 {who eats round cookies anyway?}

Sunday was my Mom's birthday! I wasn't there with her in person, but we will get to celebrate soon!

We ended the weekend with a birthday dinner at Mike's dad's house for our Opa. Great food, great people and great golf definitely capped off a great weekend. 

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