Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anniversary Trip To Cabo

Sorry we have been a little MIA, but it is because we have been out of the country celebrating our one year anniversary! The week leading up to the trip was full of planning, packing and watching time tick by as we anxiously awaited our travels. 

We got to Cabo San Lucas a week ago today and were pampered the whole stay. Actually to the point of, “I don’t want to look at another steak or Pina Colada”. But that just means we took in every moment and ate like Kings.

{anniversary sign and champagne} 

Our resort was absolutely beautiful! We received an upgrade to our room and ended up with one of the best views at the resort. We were smack dab in the center and looked out on the endless ocean.

 The moment we landed we grabbed a drink at the bar and hit the beach. Their beach is nothing like the beaches in Texas. The waves were HUGE and they came up to the edge of the resort. We walked the beach for about a minute until we were hit with a wave that came up to my chest. No thank you; I rather live. Our dinner that night was at the Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. I feel we got lucky because the couples that sat with us were awesome. We ended up spending the rest of the night with them at the bar and sang a little karaoke.

{right before I was tackled}

The only time the weather was bad was on our actual anniversary. There was a hurricane close to Cabo, which brought the nasty weather with it. That was our first full day at the resort, but it forced us to relax, sleep and enjoy the sound of the waves.

The rest of our days were beautiful. When the sun came out Mike and I put on our swim suits as fast as possible and raced to the pool. It was funny seeing everyone emerge from their rooms craving the sunlight. There were two huge infinity pools that put you right in front of the water. If you were sitting in your chair it looked like the pool was an extension of the ocean. Thank goodness I went back and got our sunscreen because we got pretty crispy. I can’t image what we would look like if we didn’t even have a little on.

We promised each other we wouldn’t talk about work once. And we kept that promise. It was so good to disconnect for a few days and recharge. Mike finished Killing Jesus (the title kinda makes me cringe) and I on the other hand had a hard time getting into Gone Girl. Finally I am at a good point and can’t wait to see what happens. I hear there are some crazy twists...

{he lived in the robe the whole trip}

Its always sad to leave, but the amount of time spent away was perfect. We would go back in a heart beat!

 {they had turquoise accents everywhere}

 {delicious coffee}

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Current Obsessions

I'm not sure why, but I have been stumbling upon things lately that I am obsessing over. Like can't put them down obsessing. Like can't stop reading obsessing. Mike is feeling it too!

**My first obsession is this seriously addicting almond butter made by Wild Friends. They had samples at Costco the other day and I was that person that left and came back pretending they didn't recognize me. I was seriously stumped one which "butter" to choose from, but ultimately went with the espresso from my then lack of coffee. I have yet to regret that decision. Warning: do not eat at night for dessert. You will not fall asleep for hours.

**Second obsession is this new cookbook we bought last weekend. I can't stop flipping through the pages! We plan on cooking up one or five of these recipes this weekend. Another obsession is this blog by one of the cookbook's authors. I'm hooked.

**My third obsession is with Ascot & Hart. It started with me finding @jenlovescove on Instagram. Then she popped up the explore section as recommended for Mike to follow. From there we "stalked" her (stalked sounds way too creepy) and her family and fell in love. It was actually Mike who reached out to her about a shirt her husband was wearing. From then on we have been obsessing over their shirts. Especially the Trust Your Guts ones. Oh, and their sunglass, shoes and hats. We love it all.

**Lastly, I found this trick through another Instagrammer I recently stumbled upon, @jennaskitchen. Her posts are really inspiring and she did the Whole30 challenge, which made me and Mike that much more excited to start it after our Cabo trip. We try to eat hardboiled eggs in the morning. Me with my juice and Mike with fruits or veggies. I have never baked my eggs, but she recommended it so I was ready to test it out. It was awesome and the eggs were SO easy to peel! All you do is put your eggs in a muffin tin. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Put your eggs in for 30 minutes and then when you pull them out put them in a bowl of ice water immediately. And poof! Perfect hard boiled eggs. Thanks for the tip, Jenna!

I know my list of obsessions will continue to grow and I will continue to post about them:) I would love to see what your current obsessions are, so please share and let me obsess with you!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Look Back On the Weekend

Happy Monday!

This past weekend seemed like it lasted longer than usual (not complaining). I think it is because we had zero plans and didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time. Either way, it was a nice, "long", relaxing weekend for us.

Friday night started with a spontaneous date night planned by Michael. He decided midway through Friday that he was going to pick me up from work and take me somewhere. We ended up at Blue Star Brewery in the too cute Blue Star area (coffee shops, restaurants, living, arts) in San Antonio. I had no clue where we were headed, but was extremely happy when I saw the sign. 10 points to Michael (in my mind I'm saying it like 10 points to Gryffindor)! The food was delicious and I actually had a beer! I mean it's a brewery so I wasn't about to disrespect (I don't drink beer).

Saturday we woke up and went for a run. We house sat my Dad and Step-mom's house for the weekend, so we were excited to have a neighborhood to run in. Later in the day we hit up the pool where I brought my It Starts With Food book. I am back into reading this 100%! I got so inspired by reading it that Mike and I headed straight to the grocery store after church.

For dinner Saturday night we made Cherry Mustard Pork Chops and Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies from PaleOMG. I felt extremely legit!

{baking and pitch perfect. doesn't get much better}

 {who eats round cookies anyway?}

Sunday was my Mom's birthday! I wasn't there with her in person, but we will get to celebrate soon!

We ended the weekend with a birthday dinner at Mike's dad's house for our Opa. Great food, great people and great golf definitely capped off a great weekend. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Got Juice On the Brain

By blogging I have noticed that I get really excited about things and start them immediatly. Then I find something else I get excited about and start that too.

I told yall HERE that I wanted to get to the end of the Whole30 book to start the meal plan. Well I never got to the end of the book, but I did take note of the useful helps. My mom and step-dad started the meal plan and raved about it, so I still bring the book with me to work everyday with high hopes of getting to the end:) I'll get there, I promise. 

Another thing about that... I like writing about the things that I get excited about because I feel like making it known to the world helps me keep myself accountable. I have always been the type of person to say it and do it, but there is always the occasional.. well maybe just this one time I will do it (example, I eat a stupid tortilla chip when I say no chips). Well since starting this blog I have really held strong to the things I commit to and I love it. Thank you friends for keeping me accountable!

There is something new I am dusting off and going back to. Juicing! I feel such a huge shift in my body when I juice for at least one meal a day. My energy level is much higher and my body feels fresh inside and out. So for that reason I am going to replace my go-to overnight oats for juice in the morning. Because Mike and I workout in the mornings I think I am also going to have at least two hard boiled eggs just to make sure I maintain my protein intake and don't keel over. 

I haven't officially put a time frame to it, but I am going to at least make it to August 22nd. Mike and I leave for our anniversary trip on the 23rd and there is no way I am going to be able to pass up our resort's beautiful breakfast buffet. Our honeymoon resort had fresh juices there, so I know I will be able to get my juice while I'm away as well. 

My base fruits and veggies are:
4 stalks of celery
2 handfuls of kale/spinach combo
1 cucumber (peeled)
1/2 an apple (or one whole if it is on the smaller side & seeded)

My alternating fruits and veggies (not all at the same time):
2 handfuls of baby carrots (or 2 big carrots)
1 handful of pineapple chunks
5 strawberries
1 pear
1 bell pepper
1 sweet potato

This way my breakfast this morning. I should have taken a picture of the outcome last night (I try to juice the night before), but we had friends come over and I didn't get around to it. I could have also taken a picture this morning of me indulging, but I downed it too fast. I'm the worst. I'll work on that and get pics of the actual juice:)

{we have a Breville juicer. my mom got this for me as a birthday present/wedding gift last year and I have loved it ever since}

{i only used half the apple and peeled the cucumber}

There are so many different varieties I want to try. I just need to sit down and find some good recipes and keep those ingredients handy. If you have a go-to recipe please share! I would love to try it!

Happy Friday!!