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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Day In ATX

Sometimes we find ourselves needing to get out of the city and go somewhere. Change up the normal. Most times this means going to see my mom, or going to a small town, but last weekend we wanted to venture to Austin!  

I have recently gotten back into running and to say "gotten back" seems like a stretch. All my life I have played soccer, which qualifies you as a runner in a certain sense. But there is a huge difference between soccer running and running running. Soccer is quick sprints most of the time and I don't have time to think of anything but going to the ball with the goal in mind. While running for pleasure I think way too much and find myself saying, "You're tired... just stop." But that has recently become a new goal of mine. I have told myself to start small and it will come. My goal started off with running two miles and then eventually run a 5k.

That being said, our friends texted us a few weeks back and asked if we wanted to run a 5k with them in Austin. Hello, crazy, perfect timing. That gave me something new to strive for and I was so excited. The only thing I was nervous about was running outside. Most of the time I am inside on the treadmill, but I was ready to take it on. (Side note… I feel a little lame making a 5k seem like a marathon, but it’s all about making your goals known and sharing them, right?)

Now for more on the actual weekend. Our Saturday morning started off at 5am with a quicker than usual drive to Austin. Thank you no traffic. We get to the race with minutes to spare; got our numbers, went pee, took the shirts to the car and listened to the Star Spangled Banner. And then we were off! I had my music blaring and loved watching little kids pass me…not. But really, they were precious and great motivators. I am proud to share that I was running 12 minute miles, but cut them down to 11 min 30 sec with a little to spare for the extra .10miles. I told my self I wouldn’t walk even though the incline was changing constantly. Which was a perk in itself. The constant incline change was a great booty workout!

 {pre-run excitement}

 {post-run excitement}

 {we did it together}

{friends that run together}

When the race was done I found myself so happy. It wasn’t so much about the time for me and who I needed to beat, but it was for myself. In time I will work on running faster and setting those types of goals, but for last weekends race I was just so happy that I did it without stopping. Goal to run a 5k…check!


The rest of the day was icing on the cake. It was such a go-with-the-flow type of day which always end up being our best days.

Breakfast was consumed at Motzart’s. I had never been there, but am ready to go back. They have an outside deck where you can sit and eat and drink your coffee and it was just the relaxing scene I needed. If we could ever live on a lake…

We walked about 10 miles Saturday as well. Our trek was from Whole Foods, to Zilker Park, to Barton Springs, and then back to Whole Foods. I was exhausted and sunburned from all the walking.

 {lunch picnic at Zilker}

{crazy cold water}

But that didn’t stop us from hitting up Sno Beach!

{we all matched all day:)}

Our night was ending with dinner at The Oasis, so we pulled off next to a running path and slept for 30 minutes. We all sprang up and were ready for food!

Dinner was incredible. Good food, great people and a gorgeous view.

 {if we could live on a lake...}

{mike's festive shirt}

This was just the day we were looking for. 

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