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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Live Free Be Fit

Friends, today I have a special post from my sweet friend Chelsea. I have been friends with this lovely lady since we were in middle school and have followed her blog, Live Free Be Fit, since day one. She is incredibly inspiring and speaks unbelievable words of truth. Her blog is all inspiring women in all seasons of life to ditch their insecurities in exchange for a whole and healthy lifestyle. I have recently started up running again, as talked about HERE, so her post today could not be more fitting!

4 Reasons to Run

I was not a particularly athletic or graceful child.  Let’s face it- I played for the half time snacks. Give me peanut butter crackers and Tang and I’ll play any sport you want me to! Fast-forward 20 years and I still try to change the subject when friends want to play capture the flag.

So when my girlfriend asked me to start training for a half marathon with her this year, I was nervous to say the least.

Even though I have been on a journey to get healthy for the last two years and have lost 30 pounds, I wasn’t comfortable with running. For me were only 2 reasons for running:
1.      Weight loss
2.      To escape from danger- like a rabid dog or being last in line at Chipotle.

I’ve watched the Biggest Loser pretty faithfully since season one. (Don’t even talk to me about last season’s finale, I will get sassy.) On the BL, they run. Running gets that heart rate up and the scale down. That’s great, right?

Well, if you have ever been overweight (or just out of shape) you know that running to lose weight stinks. Your lungs are on fire, your legs are on fire and whoever suggested running- you want to set on fire. It’s not a fun experience and I used to watch the seconds meticulously to see when I could stop.  Not to mention how self-conscious I was about how unattractive I looked while running.

Bottom line- to run 13.1 miles sounded dreadful. I could just see myself huffing, red faced begging for the crackers and Tang.  

I heard once that courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is simply pushing past it. So I said yes and started to train, shaking in my running shoes. I started slow. I ran slow and slowly built up miles. I looked up training plans and adjusted them so I would have more time to train. I adjusted my eating habits and made running playlists which are mainly Taylor Swift. Don’t judge me.

 I am still in the midst of training. I am on my 9 mile long runs and let me tell you, those feelings and fears did not leave. I still get nervous the day before my long runs. But- If I had waited for my feelings to shift, for me to start loving to run before I took action, I would NEVER EVER run a half marathon. Sometimes you just have to do it.
I have come up with 4 new reasons to run based off my past months experiences:
1.      Weight loss
·         There is no denying that running burns a lot of calories and slims you down
2.      Dedication
·         There is a certain level of sheer faithfulness that comes with running. You must be disciplined to keep up your mileage and everyone needs a lesson in dedication
3.      To learn to love running
·         I used to hear people say “I just love running. It clears my mind” and I would think “You are either insane or a liar.” But running is something that you build into. The more you practice the more you love it.
4.      Because you love running
·         Eventually you will get to the place where you enjoy the time by yourself, the feeling of accomplishment you get, the thrill of upping your pace. This is the place I want to land.

I hope this helps, inspires or just makes you feel more normal. The only difference between marathon runners and you is that first step!

I would love to hop in your journey with you! You can follow along with me by
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