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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Weekend

Weekends always come and go too fast. But I think that is because every second is soaked up making new memories.

For July 4th we spent the weekend in Sugar Land with my mom. We don't get the chance to go there too often, so it was so nice to have a longer weekend to spend with them. The 4th was spent at our family friends house in Galveston. Mike and I have been wanting to paddle board for a while now and finally got the chance to try it out!

{i wasn't able to get a picture with me on it, but here is my sister rocking it}

 {mike canoeing}

We were eager to get home to catch the fire works, but of course life happens and we got a flat. This was one of the first times that my wife-ness really came out. There wasn't a shoulder for us to pull off to, so Mike and my stepdad were in the road changing the tire. Total protective mode came over me and I was ready to body slam any car that came close. There were a few rude people that switched lanes last minute, but a cop finally pulled up to block the lane. Such a blessing.

{my mom and her "tool" to tell people to move over. precious}

Then life happened again and it down poured the entire night. So instead of watching fireworks, my family watched Harry Potter. We're cool and we know it. 

My little sister, Hannah, and I are the closest in age of all my siblings. I have been waiting for a good time now for her to drive me around. That time came this past weekend and I wasn't sure if I was ok with it. Not because her driving was bad, she was great, but because that means we are growing up and she isn't my "baby" sister any more. I am just so proud of the young woman she has become and all that she stands for. 

I tested her by going through the Starbucks drive-thru line. She wasn't expecting the tight turn and we almost passed up the car in front of us, but all-in-all we got our drinks without any real problems. (I did not get coffee... still going strong with this :) )

Hannah also drove me to see her pig. I never thought anyone in our family would own something besides a dog or a cat, but her pig basically acts like a dog so it makes sense. This is her pig for FFA, so the barn had all of the other FFA animals in there... can you say stanky? She was cute though...

The weekend ended with Hannah going off to the camp, us driving back to SA, house sitting my dads and making red curry! Mike and I could eat thai curry all day. It was so easy too. I just used one can of coconut milk, steamed veggies, cooked chicken and red curry paste. I mixed in the curry paste until I liked the flavor. I let it all simmer in the pan for about 10-15 minutes and the meat soaked up the flavor. An easy meal if you like thai. 

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