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Monday, July 21, 2014

Costco For the Win!

Our weekend was quite the adventure.

We. Bought. A. Costco. Membership.

Adventure is the perfect word to sum up what is Costco. In minutes we were members and took on the electronics section, which is a really bad idea for us. We wanted everything and were ready to buy things just to say, "We got this at Costco and saved SO much!!". Bad idea. I quickly regained consciousness and moved past the amazing Nikon cameras (which I really have been wanting). Our minds were blown by the quantity of things and the prices. We walked out spending a good amount, but besides the produce, I don't think we will have to buy the staples for months!

{we bought a serious amount of berries, so they are now going on everything we eat. side note, we have awesome denim couches}

Aside from our Costco fun, we spent the rest of the weekend "adventuring" together.

Ever since we spent 4th of July weekend watching Harry Potter, Mike has been on a hunt to finish watching the series. I have been wanting this for YEARS! There is no way I am going to let him get off this high, so we spent Friday night hopping around stores to find the ones we were missing. And we did! I was so excited, but more importantly Mike was SO excited. Nerdy? Whatever.

Saturday night was spent at a San Antonio Scorpions soccer game. I interned for them when they first became a team, but had't seen them play in their new stadium. Mike has been talking about soccer a lot lately with the World Cup and all, so he was really excited when he found out that's where we were headed. We loved the high energy and can't wait to go see another game!


Our weekend adventures winded down with a great sermon from church, delicious chia lattes at Local Coffee, lunch and ritas at a new-to-me restaurant, and a girlfriends pedicure for an amazing friend who gets married next weekend!

Happy Monday!

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