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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Live Free Be Fit

Friends, today I have a special post from my sweet friend Chelsea. I have been friends with this lovely lady since we were in middle school and have followed her blog, Live Free Be Fit, since day one. She is incredibly inspiring and speaks unbelievable words of truth. Her blog is all inspiring women in all seasons of life to ditch their insecurities in exchange for a whole and healthy lifestyle. I have recently started up running again, as talked about HERE, so her post today could not be more fitting!

4 Reasons to Run

I was not a particularly athletic or graceful child.  Let’s face it- I played for the half time snacks. Give me peanut butter crackers and Tang and I’ll play any sport you want me to! Fast-forward 20 years and I still try to change the subject when friends want to play capture the flag.

So when my girlfriend asked me to start training for a half marathon with her this year, I was nervous to say the least.

Even though I have been on a journey to get healthy for the last two years and have lost 30 pounds, I wasn’t comfortable with running. For me were only 2 reasons for running:
1.      Weight loss
2.      To escape from danger- like a rabid dog or being last in line at Chipotle.

I’ve watched the Biggest Loser pretty faithfully since season one. (Don’t even talk to me about last season’s finale, I will get sassy.) On the BL, they run. Running gets that heart rate up and the scale down. That’s great, right?

Well, if you have ever been overweight (or just out of shape) you know that running to lose weight stinks. Your lungs are on fire, your legs are on fire and whoever suggested running- you want to set on fire. It’s not a fun experience and I used to watch the seconds meticulously to see when I could stop.  Not to mention how self-conscious I was about how unattractive I looked while running.

Bottom line- to run 13.1 miles sounded dreadful. I could just see myself huffing, red faced begging for the crackers and Tang.  

I heard once that courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is simply pushing past it. So I said yes and started to train, shaking in my running shoes. I started slow. I ran slow and slowly built up miles. I looked up training plans and adjusted them so I would have more time to train. I adjusted my eating habits and made running playlists which are mainly Taylor Swift. Don’t judge me.

 I am still in the midst of training. I am on my 9 mile long runs and let me tell you, those feelings and fears did not leave. I still get nervous the day before my long runs. But- If I had waited for my feelings to shift, for me to start loving to run before I took action, I would NEVER EVER run a half marathon. Sometimes you just have to do it.
I have come up with 4 new reasons to run based off my past months experiences:
1.      Weight loss
·         There is no denying that running burns a lot of calories and slims you down
2.      Dedication
·         There is a certain level of sheer faithfulness that comes with running. You must be disciplined to keep up your mileage and everyone needs a lesson in dedication
3.      To learn to love running
·         I used to hear people say “I just love running. It clears my mind” and I would think “You are either insane or a liar.” But running is something that you build into. The more you practice the more you love it.
4.      Because you love running
·         Eventually you will get to the place where you enjoy the time by yourself, the feeling of accomplishment you get, the thrill of upping your pace. This is the place I want to land.

I hope this helps, inspires or just makes you feel more normal. The only difference between marathon runners and you is that first step!

I would love to hop in your journey with you! You can follow along with me by
Or by checking out my blog at

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Look Back On Our Weekend- Amy & Justin's Wedding

It was another fabulous wedding weekend! We celebrated the love of our friends Amy and Justin. It was so beautiful and the Texas heat cooperated perfectly. 

Friday was Amy's bridal brunch where all the ladies gathered together to have some girl time. We ate brunch at a beautiful winery and were treated with cupcakes from Bird Bakery. Amy gave us the cutest bags and shirts as our wedding gifts. I love anything that has a verse or my initials. We got both:)

I woke up Saturday so anxious and ready to get the festivities started. All the bridesmaids and the moms met up at 3pm ready to get dolled up. I love it when all the ladies are together getting ready... especially when we all match. I am not the best at make up and hair, so thankfully my sweet friend Sydney took over and beautified me. 

Before we knew it it was time to head to the venue in our dresses. Everything always happens so fast on the wedding day, so we made sure to soak in every moment. 

Now they are off in beautiful Jamaica and we are so excited to see them when they get back to gush over their wedding!

Happy Monday friends! Here's to a new week with new adventures to be made!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Alone Time

There are so many times I find myself getting frustrated because I don't create enough "quite time". I have seriously found that my days are better when I get a little time in the mornings to sit and think or to write down my prayers. 

I have off work today for my friend's wedding, but I started the day off with gym time with Mike and time to just sit and read. Just that little time to be with God and to focus my attention on him has made all the difference already. It's like I know what makes me happy, but let other earthly things trump my time. 

I take on today ready to listen to the life that He has created around me and to be thankful for what I have. He speaks to us constantly, but find time to stop and listen. It changes everything. 

John 10:27- "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

Monday, July 21, 2014

Costco For the Win!

Our weekend was quite the adventure.

We. Bought. A. Costco. Membership.

Adventure is the perfect word to sum up what is Costco. In minutes we were members and took on the electronics section, which is a really bad idea for us. We wanted everything and were ready to buy things just to say, "We got this at Costco and saved SO much!!". Bad idea. I quickly regained consciousness and moved past the amazing Nikon cameras (which I really have been wanting). Our minds were blown by the quantity of things and the prices. We walked out spending a good amount, but besides the produce, I don't think we will have to buy the staples for months!

{we bought a serious amount of berries, so they are now going on everything we eat. side note, we have awesome denim couches}

Aside from our Costco fun, we spent the rest of the weekend "adventuring" together.

Ever since we spent 4th of July weekend watching Harry Potter, Mike has been on a hunt to finish watching the series. I have been wanting this for YEARS! There is no way I am going to let him get off this high, so we spent Friday night hopping around stores to find the ones we were missing. And we did! I was so excited, but more importantly Mike was SO excited. Nerdy? Whatever.

Saturday night was spent at a San Antonio Scorpions soccer game. I interned for them when they first became a team, but had't seen them play in their new stadium. Mike has been talking about soccer a lot lately with the World Cup and all, so he was really excited when he found out that's where we were headed. We loved the high energy and can't wait to go see another game!


Our weekend adventures winded down with a great sermon from church, delicious chia lattes at Local Coffee, lunch and ritas at a new-to-me restaurant, and a girlfriends pedicure for an amazing friend who gets married next weekend!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Day In ATX

Sometimes we find ourselves needing to get out of the city and go somewhere. Change up the normal. Most times this means going to see my mom, or going to a small town, but last weekend we wanted to venture to Austin!  

I have recently gotten back into running and to say "gotten back" seems like a stretch. All my life I have played soccer, which qualifies you as a runner in a certain sense. But there is a huge difference between soccer running and running running. Soccer is quick sprints most of the time and I don't have time to think of anything but going to the ball with the goal in mind. While running for pleasure I think way too much and find myself saying, "You're tired... just stop." But that has recently become a new goal of mine. I have told myself to start small and it will come. My goal started off with running two miles and then eventually run a 5k.

That being said, our friends texted us a few weeks back and asked if we wanted to run a 5k with them in Austin. Hello, crazy, perfect timing. That gave me something new to strive for and I was so excited. The only thing I was nervous about was running outside. Most of the time I am inside on the treadmill, but I was ready to take it on. (Side note… I feel a little lame making a 5k seem like a marathon, but it’s all about making your goals known and sharing them, right?)

Now for more on the actual weekend. Our Saturday morning started off at 5am with a quicker than usual drive to Austin. Thank you no traffic. We get to the race with minutes to spare; got our numbers, went pee, took the shirts to the car and listened to the Star Spangled Banner. And then we were off! I had my music blaring and loved watching little kids pass me…not. But really, they were precious and great motivators. I am proud to share that I was running 12 minute miles, but cut them down to 11 min 30 sec with a little to spare for the extra .10miles. I told my self I wouldn’t walk even though the incline was changing constantly. Which was a perk in itself. The constant incline change was a great booty workout!

 {pre-run excitement}

 {post-run excitement}

 {we did it together}

{friends that run together}

When the race was done I found myself so happy. It wasn’t so much about the time for me and who I needed to beat, but it was for myself. In time I will work on running faster and setting those types of goals, but for last weekends race I was just so happy that I did it without stopping. Goal to run a 5k…check!


The rest of the day was icing on the cake. It was such a go-with-the-flow type of day which always end up being our best days.

Breakfast was consumed at Motzart’s. I had never been there, but am ready to go back. They have an outside deck where you can sit and eat and drink your coffee and it was just the relaxing scene I needed. If we could ever live on a lake…

We walked about 10 miles Saturday as well. Our trek was from Whole Foods, to Zilker Park, to Barton Springs, and then back to Whole Foods. I was exhausted and sunburned from all the walking.

 {lunch picnic at Zilker}

{crazy cold water}

But that didn’t stop us from hitting up Sno Beach!

{we all matched all day:)}

Our night was ending with dinner at The Oasis, so we pulled off next to a running path and slept for 30 minutes. We all sprang up and were ready for food!

Dinner was incredible. Good food, great people and a gorgeous view.

 {if we could live on a lake...}

{mike's festive shirt}

This was just the day we were looking for. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Weekend

Weekends always come and go too fast. But I think that is because every second is soaked up making new memories.

For July 4th we spent the weekend in Sugar Land with my mom. We don't get the chance to go there too often, so it was so nice to have a longer weekend to spend with them. The 4th was spent at our family friends house in Galveston. Mike and I have been wanting to paddle board for a while now and finally got the chance to try it out!

{i wasn't able to get a picture with me on it, but here is my sister rocking it}

 {mike canoeing}

We were eager to get home to catch the fire works, but of course life happens and we got a flat. This was one of the first times that my wife-ness really came out. There wasn't a shoulder for us to pull off to, so Mike and my stepdad were in the road changing the tire. Total protective mode came over me and I was ready to body slam any car that came close. There were a few rude people that switched lanes last minute, but a cop finally pulled up to block the lane. Such a blessing.

{my mom and her "tool" to tell people to move over. precious}

Then life happened again and it down poured the entire night. So instead of watching fireworks, my family watched Harry Potter. We're cool and we know it. 

My little sister, Hannah, and I are the closest in age of all my siblings. I have been waiting for a good time now for her to drive me around. That time came this past weekend and I wasn't sure if I was ok with it. Not because her driving was bad, she was great, but because that means we are growing up and she isn't my "baby" sister any more. I am just so proud of the young woman she has become and all that she stands for. 

I tested her by going through the Starbucks drive-thru line. She wasn't expecting the tight turn and we almost passed up the car in front of us, but all-in-all we got our drinks without any real problems. (I did not get coffee... still going strong with this :) )

Hannah also drove me to see her pig. I never thought anyone in our family would own something besides a dog or a cat, but her pig basically acts like a dog so it makes sense. This is her pig for FFA, so the barn had all of the other FFA animals in there... can you say stanky? She was cute though...

The weekend ended with Hannah going off to the camp, us driving back to SA, house sitting my dads and making red curry! Mike and I could eat thai curry all day. It was so easy too. I just used one can of coconut milk, steamed veggies, cooked chicken and red curry paste. I mixed in the curry paste until I liked the flavor. I let it all simmer in the pan for about 10-15 minutes and the meat soaked up the flavor. An easy meal if you like thai.