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Friday, June 13, 2014

Catch Up!

It's time for a photo dump! Yay! I have been meaning to post as we go, but that hasn't been happening as planned. 

A couple a weekends ago my mom came to town with my family. We got to spend a little time with them before my sweet friend had her bachelorette party in Dallas! It was an absolute blast and got us all pumped for their wedding weekend (this weekend)!! 
 {random photo shoot}

 {aw they love each other}

 {the bachelorette!}

 {semi-blurry selfie of the ladies}

 {ohh heyyy}

 {insane jazz band}

{next morning}

Crawfish!! For Mike's step-dad's birthday we had a family crawfish boil. I love having that whole side of the family together:)

 {pre boil}

 {and we boiled a starfish?!}

 {jumbo shrimp}

 {post boil}

 {dinner is served}

 {family dinner}

 {silly Syd}

 {double fisting}

 {the ladies}

{sweet Abby}

I restarted (didn't get too far in this post) The Fault In Our Starts and finished it in 2 days. I could not put it down! I challenged my sister to finish it in a day so we could see the movie. The challenge was accepted and conquered. Half of me wishes I would have taken a before and after picture and the other half is glad that I didn't. I have not cried that hard in a movie ever. Total snot nosed. 

 {Mike caught us}

{pre-movie cry fest}

Tonight we had Chris and Natalie's wedding rehearsal and dinner. I love these two people so much. Tomorrow is the BIG day! More photos to come on Monday's Weekend post! 

 {headed to Tyler, TX}

 {sweet Casey}

 {what a view}


{me and the bride!!!}

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